Rainford Kalaba: Zambian doctors release new details on former Chipolopolo captain's condition

Rainford Kalaba: Zambian doctors release new details on former Chipolopolo captain's condition

Festus Chuma 17:18 - 15.04.2024

Zambia football legend Rainford Kalaba was seriously injured in a crash on Saturday and doctors are closely monitoring his ongoing treatment.

Zambia football legend Rainford Kalaba is making a significant recovery after being involved in a severe accident over the weekend, according to the latest medical updates.

The former Chipolopolo captain was a passenger in a Mercedes-Benz that collided head-on with a truck in a distressing incident initially feared to have claimed his life.

Nzeba Chanda, the Public Relations Officer at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, provided a hopeful update on Kalaba’s condition.

 "The man has improved and is responding very well to treatment. We can see a lot of movements and gestures in how he's responding to sounds and touch, which show significant progress compared to when he was admitted on Saturday," Chanda explained.

The accident, which occurred due to what preliminary investigations suggest was improper overtaking, resulted in the tragic death of the female driver at the scene, while Kalaba was rushed to intensive care. 

Despite the grim initial outlook, the hospital staff has observed encouraging signs of recovery. 

"There's a lot of improvement and we can detect that by the way he's responding to sounds, to touch, even when you call his name, he's moving and the doctors have testified that actually there's a lot of improvement," Chanda added.

Kalaba, who is currently in an artificial coma to aid his recovery from internal injuries, remains in ICU but the medical team is optimistic. 

"They are working around the clock to just ensure that they stabilize him. And we're very sure that the professionals around him are doing the best that they can," Chanda noted, reflecting the high spirits among the medical staff.

The football community has expressed widespread support for Kalaba, remembering his contributions to Zambian football as a dynamic midfielder and a dedicated team leader. 

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