Osimhen and Napoli Set to Miss Out on €100m Euros

Victor Osimhen for Napoli | Imago

Osimhen and Napoli Set to Miss Out on €100m Euros

Ayoola Kelechi 18:58 - 27.02.2024

Napoli's woes appear to be getting worse and the Partenopei could miss out on a large financial windfall if things continue as they are

Napoli, under the presidency of Aurelio De Laurentiis, faces a significant financial blow as they seem poised to forgo over €100 million in potential earnings. 

This comes amid a period of turmoil and disappointing performances, despite the club's recent Scudetto triumph.

A Turbulent Six Months for Napoli 

The past six months have been nothing short of chaotic for Napoli. Following their celebrated Scudetto victory, the club has seen a dramatic downturn in form, leading to the dismissal of coaches Rudi Garcia and Walter Mazzarri in quick succession. The managerial merry-go-round has left Slovakia coach Francesco Calzona at the helm, albeit temporarily, as the club searches for stability and a path back to its winning ways.

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The team's struggle for form was highlighted in their recent match against Cagliari, where they were held to a 1-1 draw by Claudio Ranieri's 19th-placed side. This result is emblematic of Napoli's season so far, which has been marred by inconsistency and underwhelming performances. 

Currently sitting ninth in the league, the team finds itself 11 points adrift of the coveted fourth place, currently held by Bologna, signaling a significant setback in their quest for Champions League qualification.

Missing Out on Lucrative Competitions

According to reports from Corriere dello Sport via TMW, Napoli's current trajectory suggests they will miss out on both the Champions League and the newly established Club World Cup. Participation in these prestigious competitions is highly lucrative, offering clubs the chance to earn over €100 million in combined revenues. For a club like Napoli, such financial injections are crucial for sustaining competitive squads and furthering ambitions both domestically and on the European stage.

Napoli have struggled with and without Osimhen in the 2023/24 season | Imago
Napoli have struggled with and without Osimhen in the 2023/24 season | Imago

De Laurentiis's desperation is palpable as he faces the prospect of Napoli missing out on European football entirely. The importance of securing a spot in international competitions cannot be overstated, not just for the prestige and the financial rewards, but also for the club's ability to attract and retain top talent. Players like Victor Osimhen, who have been instrumental in Napoli's successes, could see their futures at the club become uncertain should these ambitions fall by the wayside.

What next for Napoli? 

The path forward for Napoli is fraught with challenges. The club must rally under Francesco Calzona's interim leadership to close the gap in the league standings and salvage what remains of a season that started with high hopes. 

For De Laurentiis and Napoli, the coming months are critical. They must navigate this period of uncertainty with determination and a clear strategic vision to ensure the club does not veer further off course from its lofty ambitions and financial imperatives.