My life is better than yours — Guardiola mocks journalists

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola || Image credit: Imago

My life is better than yours — Guardiola mocks journalists

Faruq Ibrahim 22:35 - 21.02.2024

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola engaged in playful banter with journalists in the post-match press conference for the Brentford win.

In a light-hearted exchange, Pep Guardiola expressed how he prefers to be a manager than a journalist after Manchester City’s win over Brentford. 

Erling Haaland helped Manchester City edge past Brentford with a slender 1-0 victory. Haaland, bouncing back from a challenging outing against Chelsea, made his mark in the 71st minute, securing crucial points for his team. After the match, Guardiola was quizzed on Haaland’s struggles and if he ever wants to be a journalist.

Guardiola addresses Haaland’s criticism 

While speaking, Pep shared insights into his approach towards managing top strikers, citing advice from an old friend. He noted the futility of criticising goal-scorers of Haaland's caliber, because it always ends in favour of the striker. 

"Top scorers strikers score a lot of goals, don’t criticise, he will shut your mouth," Guardiola said, highlighting his unwavering faith in Haaland's abilities. 

Haaland’s struggles and Pep’s humour 

The City boss also opened up about the personal hurdles Haaland has faced, notably the loss of his grandmother. "Sooner or later he is there. He was out for two months, he lost his grandmother, it is not easy for a human being," he added.

Pep Guardiola || Imago
Pep Guardiola || Imago

In a lighter exchange, Guardiola humorously dismissed the idea of switching careers to journalism, stating, “I'm a manager, my life is better than yours, so…That's why I want to be a manager, I don't want to be a journalist."

Premier League Title Race Heats Up

Manchester City's victory propels them to second in the league standings, just a whisper away from leaders Liverpool. With the title race heating up, each game becomes a critical juncture in the quest for supremacy.

Liverpool has the opportunity to extend their lead, setting the stage for an intense showdown as City looks to close the gap in their upcoming fixture against Luton.

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