Former AFC Leopards star secures year-long haven for Martin Imbalambala

©Jonas ‘Pako’ Nahimana

FOOTBALL Former AFC Leopards star secures year-long haven for Martin Imbalambala

Festus Chuma 07:00 - 31.01.2024

Former AFC Leopards stars Jonas Nahimana and Itubu Imbem visited ex-teammate Martin Imbalambala

Former AFC Leopards defender Martin Imbalambala received an unexpected surprise from his ex-teammates led by Jonas ‘Pako’ Nahimana.

Imbalambala, who tragically lost his sight in 2018, compelling him into premature retirement, was visited by Nahimana and Itubu Imbem, another former teammate, at his residence last weekend.

As they gathered around their former captain, memories of their days playing together at AFC Leopards SC filled the room.

Despite the melancholy brought on by Imbalambala's situation, the group found solace in their shared experiences and gratitude for the bonds they have forged.

"We talked about old stories, and though we felt sad about what happened, we remembered how blessed we are. It was a day of gratitude, laughter, and to see my boy smile was everything," Nahimana shared.

Nahimana, known for his prowess as a defender, and Imbem, who once dazzled as a striker, stepped in to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by Imbalambala and his family.

"My brother Imbem and I provided 20k for groceries. Our brother needed a Laptop, and we will bring it on Friday. And I will pay his rent for the whole year in advance – he doesn't have to worry about that," Nahimana disclosed.

Nahimana, who hails from Congo and has also played for FKF Premier League side Sofapaka before retiring to pursue music, emphasized the importance of supporting each other, especially in times of need.

"I don't normally mention the things I do for others, but this is an exception. Not to brag, but to encourage others to support as well. God bless my captain," he concluded. 

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