FKF issues orders as AFC Leopards remain adamant over abandoned Cup clash

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FKF issues orders as AFC Leopards remain adamant over abandoned Cup clash

Festus Chuma 06:04 - 27.05.2024

The federation decided to resume an abandoned FKF Cup match, but AFC Leopards disagreed with the venue choice and expressed security concerns.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Leagues and Competitions Committee has made a decisive call on the halted FKF Cup semi-final clash between Kenya Police and AFC Leopards .

The match, which was disrupted at the Police Sacco Stadium due to an injury to the second assistant referee, Samuel Kuria, is now slated to resume on Monday, May 27, but under contentious circumstances.

Kuria sustained injuries after being hit by an object thrown by a spectator, causing the match to be stopped in the 60th minute.

 Despite efforts to continue the game after the incident was contained, the absence of floodlights at the venue raised significant safety concerns, leading to the match's postponement.

"After calm was restored and by the time the match officials were ready to proceed, the venue’s lack of floodlights posed significant safety concerns. As time passed, it became increasingly clear that resuming the match would compromise the well-being of those involved."  FKF statement reads in part.

 The federation also announced that fans would not be left out as the match will be streamed live on its digital platforms.

However, this decision has not sat well with AFC Leopards, who were trailing 1-0 at the time of the stoppage, due to a goal from Police FC's Tito Okello. 

AFC Leopards' chairman, Dan Shikanda, expressed significant dissatisfaction with the federation's handling of the situation, particularly the choice of venue.

"We had repeatedly voiced our concerns regarding the security arrangements at the Police Sacco Stadium. Our suggestion to relocate the match to either the Ulinzi Complex or Mambo Leo in Kisumu was unfortunately dismissed by the federation," Shikanda explained. 

He emphasized that the club's proposal was aimed at ensuring the safety and accommodation of all supporters, which he felt was compromised by the decision to keep the venue unchanged.

Shikanda's frustration is palpable as he contemplates the next steps for his team, hinting at the possibility of a boycott. 

"It seems our concerns are falling on deaf ears. If the federation insists on having the match at the same venue, we may have to reconsider our participation to ensure the safety of our players and supporters," he added.

The federation's decision is grounded in the tournament's regulations, specifically Articles 5.1 and 5.2, which allow for a match to be resumed at a later time while maintaining the same conditions as when it was halted. 

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