'Fake news' - Family of departed ex-Leopards treasurer dismiss marital problems claims

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FOOTBALL 'Fake news' - Family of departed ex-Leopards treasurer dismiss marital problems claims

Joel Omotto 20:20 - 28.05.2023

Maurice Chichi's family has distanced itself from reports that he died as due to depression

The family of departed former AFC Leopards treasurer Maurice Chichi has denied reports that he died as a result of depression following domestic problems.

Social media was awash with reports that Chichi had been going through a stressful situation after allegedly falling out with his wife, with the reports claiming that things had gone south after he lost his job.

The reports further claimed that the deceased had sought refuge at his mother’s rural home after finding life unbearable in the city, contributing to his death.

His family has, however, dismissed the claims, calling them ‘fake news’ while insisting Chichi died while in Nairobi.

“We want to confirm that the alleged conversations doing rounds on social media is fake news from TikTok,” the family wrote on Chichi’s Facebook page on Sunday.

“As a family, we want to confirm that Maurice Chichi passed on in Nairobi and not the rural home. Secondly, the late had no kids by the name Roy or Jay.

“A lot in that conversation does not match his last moments. His mother is also deceased.

“We hereby ask all that have made these serious claims to kindly respect the family during this hard time. This is causing levels of unrest and unnecessary tension.”

Chichi died on Sunday morning when he collapsed on a staircase and was rushed immediately to hospital where he succumbed.

The sports administrator was elected Leopards treasurer in June 2019, when chairman Dan Shikanda also assumed office, after he had garnered 506 votes against Napali Imbezi's 18.

He only served for one term and was not cleared to run in 2022 by the Centre for Multiparty Democracy -Kenya (CMD), which was mandated to oversee the elections.