Ezekiel Odera: Former Nairobi City stars striker calls out corruption and delay tactics in suspension saga

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Ezekiel Odera: Former Nairobi City stars striker calls out corruption and delay tactics in suspension saga

Festus Chuma 15:00 - 26.05.2024

The former Nairobi City Stars captain has urged FKF to expedite his match manipulation case asserting innocence and decrying delays and lack of evidence

Former Harambee Stars striker Ezekiel Odera has called on the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to expedite investigations regarding his suspension and alleged involvement in match manipulation. 

Odera, along with Salim Abdallah, was suspended in July 2023 by the FKF Integrity Department.

A year into his suspension, Odera has voiced his frustrations over the delayed proceedings, urging for a swift resolution if the evidence against him is substantial.

"I have been pushing with my lawyers for this to be heard. My charge sheet is bogus, and there is no evidence to show that I received any money. They said that I fixed a game which I never played," Odera stated, asserting his innocence in an interview with The Buzz Kenya.

The former Nairobi City Stars captain emphasized that the charges have unjustly hindered his career.

 "I am innocent and was not involved in such, and this case has blocked me from returning to the game. The federation has not informed  me of the next hearing, and they want me to go without my lawyers," he added.

Odera explained that his troubles began when he stood up for players' rights within his team. 

"What brought up this issue is that I, being a senior player on my team, demanded players' rights, and that's where my problems started," he noted, suggesting that his advocacy might have played a role in his current predicament.

Despite the serious nature of the accusations, Odera revealed that the judicial process has been anything but prompt. 

"The hearing was supposed to be two months ago by the panel, but it dragged on, and no tentative date has been given. So far, no tangible evidence has ever been presented," he concluded.

This incident is part of a larger crackdown by the FKF on match manipulation. 

In 2023, the federation suspended 15 players, including notable names like Willis Ochieng Oganyo, Vincent Misikhu, Michael Idovolo Madoya, Isaac Kipyegon, and Du Monde Selenga, for their alleged roles in manipulating match outcomes. 

During their suspension all FKF members were advised to avoid any form of sporting contact with the implicated individuals.

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