Ex Real Madrid star inspires a Kenyan orphan soccer prodigy with precious gift


FOOTBALL: Ex Real Madrid star inspires a Kenyan orphan soccer prodigy with precious gift

Festus Chuma 07:00 - 31.08.2023

Spain national team forward Rodrigo Moreno has extended his hand to help Joseph Omuse, a budding talent hailing from St. Anthony's Boys Kitale, by gifting him a pair of boots worth Sh100,000.

Rodrigo's act of kindness comes after he learned of Omuse's challenging past and his journey from the harsh streets of Bungoma to becoming a rising star in the Kenyan football scene.

Two weeks ago, a poignant tale emerged about Omuse's transformation from a destitute child surviving the streets of Bungoma town to a promising midfielder thriving on the football field.

Pastor Joseph Mukolwe, whose compassionate intervention turned Omuse's life around, shared this touching story. 

Adopting Omuse after rescuing him from the streets, Pastor Mukolwe provided him not just with shelter but with a beacon of hope that ignited a remarkable transformation.

The story of Omuse, lovingly referred to as the "County Commissioner" by Solidarity Boys fans, deeply resonated with many, including Rodrigo Moreno. 

The former Real Madrid, Valencia, Bolton Wanderers, and Leeds United player was moved by Omuse's journey and decided to contribute to his success story.

In a heartfelt video message, Rodrigo expressed his support, saying, "Congratulations, I sent you the boots from here in Qatar and I hope you enjoy." 

Omuse's journey from the harsh streets to the green soccer fields of St. Anthony Boys' High School reflects an unwavering spirit that refused to be extinguished by adversity. 

Guided by Pastor Mukolwe's nurturing care, Omuse's path shifted from survival mode to one of ambition and determination.

 The once-flickering spark of brilliance within him has grown into a prodigious soccer talent, earning him the position of assistant captain for Solidarity Boys.

Moreno, a prominent figure in the football world, has had an illustrious career. He played for esteemed clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Bolton Wanderers, and Leeds United.

During his time at Leeds United, he emerged as the top scorer in the previous season, netting an impressive 15 goals. Despite his efforts, Leeds United faced relegation from the Premier League to the Championship.