Ex-convict and Mathare United midfielder Tedium Rodgers dies aged 47

FOOTBALL: Ex-convict and Mathare United midfielder Tedium Rodgers dies aged 47

Mark Kinyanjui 05:00 - 27.06.2023

The ex-Mathare United midfielder spent 19 years behind bars before a presidential pardon in 2019 saw him released.

The world of Kenyan football has been deeply saddened by the loss of former Mathare United midfielder Tedium Rodgers, who died in a greasley road accident in Naivasha on Sunday.

Rodgers, who featured for Mathare United, never imagined he would see freedom after he was sentenced to death back in the year 2000 after a robbery gone wrong.

The 47-year old was given a second chance in 2019 when a presidential pardon saw him released from Kamiti Prison after 19 years behind bars.

The former midfielder, who once had dreams of playing for Manchester United back in his playing days, had been found guilty of committing a crime to make quick money and support his family.

In 1999 Rogers suffered a heart-rending knee injury that ended up leaving him on the sidelines for months, needing surgery to repair it.

A torn meniscus in his right knee was his undoing and in an era where making a living from only football was seemingly impossible, the tide was just about to take a turn for the worse for the budding attacking midfielder.

The club could not afford to pay him a salary due to his injury and lengthy time off the pitch, putting him in a difficult situation, leaving him with no option of making money, until a gang of friends misled him into being part of the robbery, which took place in Kiambu town that culminated in a mob nearly lynching him to death before Police came to his rescue.

While in prison, Rodgers coached other inmates as part of his rehabilitation and also because of his passion for football.

Rodgers mastered tent-making skills while in prison  and his only wish outside was to continue with the art he loved so much.

Betting firm Odibets through their Odimtaani initiative came through for Teddy  offering to start a tent-making business for him.

After his release, Teddy sought to  become a mentor for the youth; speaking up against crime. 

May the almighty rest his soul in eternal peace.