Dates announced for Jay-Jay Okocha and English Premier League trophy tour in Kenya

Jay-Jay Okocha/via Imago

FOOTBALL Dates announced for Jay-Jay Okocha and English Premier League trophy tour in Kenya

Joel Omotto 17:04 - 28.08.2023

The Super Eagles legend will be part of the star attractions as Premier League fans in Kenya get a glimpse of the coveted trophy which is contested by their favourite teams.

Nigerian football icon Jay-Jay Okocha will be in Kenya this weekend as part of the English Premier League trophy tour in the country.

The former Super Eagles and Bolton Wanderers captain will be in attendance, elevating the event's fervour for all present given his standing as one of the African greats who elevated the Premier League’s popularity on the continent.

The event is scheduled to take place from Friday 1 to Saturday 2 September with the highlight being the Premier League Trophy event at the Carnivore Grounds on the second day.

"The Premier League Trophy event in Kenya is a significant moment for football lovers in the region," said Ed Savage, Castrol Kenya's Country Manager, whose company is organising the event alongside oil company Rubis.

"Castrol is an official partner of the Premier League and we are thrilled to offer this unique experience to our passionate football community in collaboration with Rubis Energy Kenya. 

"The event promises to be more than just a viewing; it is an immersion into football's rich tapestry, complete with interactive games, vibrant music, and the exclusive opportunity to witness the trophy up close."

For many Kenyan fans, the Premier League is not just a competition; it is a weekly ritual, a community, and a source of immense pride.

By bringing the trophy to their doorstep, organisers are not only acknowledging the fans' unwavering dedication but also cementing Kenya's position on the global football map.

Kenya has hosted the Premier League trophy tour down the years with supporters allowed to view and take photos with it as part of popularising the English top flight whose teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City have a lot of fans in the country.