African football legend Okocha expresses concern over decline in talent

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FOOTBALL African football legend Okocha expresses concern over decline in talent

Festus Chuma 19:04 - 26.12.2023

Africa's football icon, Okocha, laments a decline in quality players, urging a return to passion and skill, harking back to glory days.

On a historic afternoon in Nairobi back in January 1997, the Nigerian national football team, the Super Eagles, descended upon the Moi International Sports Centre for a crucial 1998 World Cup qualifier against Kenya.

The odds were heavily stacked against the hosts, but what transpired on that fateful evening would forever etch the name of John "Baresi" Odhiambo into Kenyan football history.

As Nigeria's star-studded squad, boasting the likes of Sunday Oliseh, Daniel Amokachi, Victor Ikpeba, Augustine "Jay Jay" Okocha, and more, graced the pitch, it was the relatively unknown Kenyan midfielder, Odhiambo, who stole the show.

Odhiambo's standout performance, marked by his exceptional man-marking of the Super Eagles' maestro, Jay-Jay Okocha, left spectators in awe and continues to ignite conversations about the days when Africa, including Kenya, produced world-class players.

In an interview, Jay-Jay Okocha, a name synonymous with skill, flair, and creativity on the football pitch, has expressed deep concerns about the current state of African football.

The former Super Eagles star, who enjoyed a glittering career across various European clubs, including stints in England and Germany, believes that contemporary African footballers are falling short of the high standards set by their predecessors.

Okocha contends that today's players often prioritize financial gains over on-field performance, and he urges the continent's football talent to rekindle their dedication and passion for the game.

"I believe we're witnessing a decline in the distinctive African flair in football. Present-day players seem to be prioritizing financial gains over on-field performances," Okocha told SABC Sport.

"The current trend places money at the forefront, with passion taking a back seat in today's football landscape. We lack that essential element as a continent."

Okocha's sentiments echo the sentiments of many football enthusiasts across Africa who long for the days when African players dazzled the world with their extraordinary skills and performances.

He fondly recalls a time when African footballers, including himself, brought an unmatched level of excitement to the sport.

The magic of African football, marked by unpredictable dribbles, stunning goals, and jaw-dropping displays of talent, seemed to captivate audiences globally.

"By igniting our passion, there is a possibility of excelling in the World Cup and even securing the prestigious Best Player in the World award in the future," Okocha asserted.

"I have yet to witness a contemporary player who rivals those from the bygone era. This is why I emphasize the need for improvement starting with today's local footballers."

Okocha's concerns resonate deeply with football fans in Kenya, a nation that once produced players like John "Baresi" Odhiambo, who, despite being an unknown name at the time, outshone the giants of African football.

Odhiambo's incredible performance against Nigeria's Jay-Jay Okocha highlighted the untapped potential within Kenya and, by extension, Africa.

Kenyan football enthusiasts fondly remember that famous qualifier at Kasarani, where Odhiambo's exceptional man-marking skills made Jay-Jay Okocha, a player celebrated for his mesmerizing dribbling and creativity, look like a mere mortal on the football pitch.

As African football grapples with the challenges of modernization, commercialization, and the lure of foreign leagues, Okocha's words serve as a rallying cry for a return to the roots of the game.

The legacy of players like Odhiambo and the unforgettable moments they created should inspire the current generation to prioritize the love of the sport and the pursuit of excellence on the field. 

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