6 football stars without clubs at the moment

Jesse Lingard, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani

6 football stars without clubs at the moment

Fabian Simiyu 08:39 - 20.07.2022

With the World Cup tournament around, they need to find clubs as soon as possible

It is that time of the year when nearly all the Europe clubs are signing new players to strengthen their teams but then there are free agent stars that don’t have clubs. 

With the World Cup tournament around, they need to find clubs as soon as possible if they are to represent their countries on the big stage. Here is a compiled list of the six players.

1. Marcelo

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior’s contract with Real Madrid expired recently and he left the club as the most decorated player. 

Ramos and Marcelo celebrate after an unprecedented third consecutive Champions League success in 2018, parading the trophy in Madrid's Cibeles square

The Brazilian has been among the best left-backs in Europe for more than 8 years in a row and it is shocking that he has not landed a new club so far after exiting Real Madrid. 

Despite being 34 years, Marcelo can still perform on the pitch and fans are hoping that he will find a new club so that he gets to dance for the last time during this year’s World Cup.

2. Jesse Lingard

Manchester United's Jesse Lingard celebrates win against West Ham

Known to many as J Lingz, former Manchester United, player Jesse Lingard is a free agent after his contract with the Red Devils expired. Lingard is famous for how he dances whenever he scores and he made most of the stadiums his stage. 

He currently has no club despite being linked to West Ham United. Lingard is a performer and he needs to get himself a new club as soon as possible because time is running out and the transfer window will soon be closed.

3. Edinson Cavani

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani celebrates after scoring at Newcastle

Cavani is definitely one of the best strikers that the world has ever had. The Uruguayan talisman's contract with Manchester United ended and he has not been linked to any other club since then. 

Cavani’s career has been plagued with injuries recently and that could be the reason as to why he has still not signed for a new club. Cavani is still capable of delivering and we're hoping that he finds a new club to continue with his career.

4. Luis Suarez

Many are still wondering as to how a player like Suarez still has no club to play for. 

Suarez has established his name over the past years as one of the nest forwards and his contract with Atletico Madrid ran out recently. 

Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez

What’s next for Suarez? Which league do you think suits him if he was to sign a new contract today?

5. Juan Mata

Juan Mata

After spending a good number of years in a Manchester United shirt, Juan Mata recently departed from the club and he is yet to find a new club for himself. His calmness on the pitch and how he takes on free kicks have made him a unique player. 

Rumors had been there that he was to join the Man United coaching staff but the he ahead and rubbished them stating that he still wanted to play as his time is not yet up.

6. Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez (Isco)

Isco puts Italy to the sword in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup

Isco has been one of the best players at Real Madrid and his contract and he ran out of contract recently. His next destination is still unknown but he will definitely land a big club to play for in Europe. 

Isco has been lucky to play with the likes of Benzema and Ronaldo and it will be hard for him to forget his experience at Real Madrid.