5 things that define Mara Sugar as they step into FKF Premier League

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5 things that define Mara Sugar as they step into FKF Premier League

Festus Chuma 10:26 - 09.06.2024

Discover the incredible journey of Mara Sugar FC, from its humble beginnings to clinching a spot in FKF Premier League.

On Saturday, Mara Sugar FC marked a monumental achievement in their football journey by securing a spot in the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Premier League for the upcoming season.

This promotion is not just a triumph but a testament to the club's rapid rise and the strategic vision behind its success.

Here are five key things every football fan should know about this exciting team.

1. Origins and support from Trans Mara Sugar Company

Mara Sugar FC were founded in 2012 by employees of the Trans Mara Sugar Company, which has been a steadfast supporter and patron since the club's inception.

Mara Sugar FC players
Mara Sugar FC

Their backing has been crucial in the club's journey through the ranks of Kenyan football.

This support underscores the deep connection between the club and the local community, reflecting a commitment not just to football but also to regional development.

2. Rapid rise through the leagues

Since their formation, Mara Sugar FC have experienced a rapid rise, starting from the lowest levels of the FKF leagues.

Mara Sugar

By 2018, they had climbed to the FKF Division One National League and, in 2021, won the league to gain promotion to the second-tier National Super League (NSL).

Their consistent performance culminated in a triumphant promotion to the Premier League this year making them the only club from Narok County to participate in the national leagues.

3. Home ground and training facilities

Mara Sugar FC play their home matches at the Sony Awendo Green Stadium, owned by Sony Sugar Company.

They have an agreement to use this venue despite the distance from their primary training ground at Shankoe Primary School's football pitch.

This arrangement highlights the club's adaptive strategies in managing logistics and training facilities to maintain competitive standards.

4. Philosophy and coaching

The team is known for its philosophy of building plays from the back and attacking from the flanks, showcasing a preference for ball possession and skillful play.

Mara Sugar head coach Benedict Wanjala

This approach is implemented by their current coach, Benedict Wanjala, who was appointed in January 2024.

Wanjala succeeded Vincent Nyaberi and has continued the club’s development, focusing on tactical discipline and a robust playing style.

5. Historic promotion and future prospects

Mara Sugar FC's recent promotion was clinched after a decisive 4-0 victory against Silibwet Leons, with goals from Mathias Isogol, Reuben Mita, Mike Isabwa, and Joseph Okwenda.

Mara Sugar players celebrating

This victory not only secured their place in the Premier League but also set them at 78 points a testament to their dominant performance in the NSL.

As they prepare for their maiden season in the FKF Premier League, the club's management, players, and supporters are optimistic about their prospects at the higher level, aiming to establish themselves as a formidable force in Kenyan football.

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