Victor Wanyama: Bahati sets record straight on controversial photo with Diana Marua

Victor Wanyama: Bahati sets record straight on controversial photo with Diana Marua

Festus Chuma 19:03 - 08.06.2024

Last week, Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati reignited speculation by reposting a photo of Victor Wanyama with his fiancée, Diana Marua.

Four years ago, a photo featuring then Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama and Diana Marua, the fiancée of Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati, surfaced online setting off a flurry of rumors about a possible relationship between the two.

Recently, the photo reappeared, this time posted by Bahati himself as part of a promotional push for his new reality show on Netflix, The Bahati Empire.

The image which originally made rounds on social media in 2020 reignited speculation and gossip among fans and followers.

However, Bahati has come out and clarified his stance and intentions behind sharing the image.

"Why should I ask Wanyama if I can post the photo while it is him and his friend? Let me tell you something. I never said anything. Wanyama and Mariga are my friends. I even campaigned for Mariga in Kibra," Bahati told TV host Betty Kyallo as quoted by Nairobi News.

The musician further elaborated on his decision to remain silent during the initial uproar caused by the photo.

"At times you see rumours, and when you are quiet, they fuel more rumours. But when you show people that it’s normal, they will keep quiet. In this show, we will address so many rumours and even more about our lives," he added.

"The reason we posted it is because people always want to use it. You give people what they want. Kenyans want to feed a lot of negative energy, and we have been quiet," Bahati noted.

Diana Marua, also speaking on the matter, questioned the public's involvement in her personal associations.

"You don’t want me to have friends? I can’t take pictures with people, or is it because he is a celebrity?” she remarked, challenging the boundaries set by societal expectations and celebrity status.

In an emotional reveal, Bahati disclosed the impact of social media buzz on personal lives, especially concerning Wanyama.

"Most of my fans know that I adopted my son. When the photo was trending a while back, I don’t think he (Wanyama) had a thick skin like I have, and so one day it was trending, and it’s a cruel social media world. It got to him. If I came out to address it, it would not help anyone. I chose to be sarcastic about it and move on," he said.

Marua also shared her coping strategy for dealing with online negativity, learned from her husband.

"My husband (Bahati) has taught me to learn to die in public opinion. The same people who praise you today, will hate you tomorrow. It’s a cruel world. We ignore trolls most of the time," she asserted.

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