Letsile Tebogo opens up on when he might be ready to attack the 200m world record

Letsile Tebogo opens up on when he might be ready to attack the 200m world record

Abigael Wafula 18:18 - 03.04.2024

Botswanan wonderkind Letsile Tebogo has opened up on chances of attacking the 200m world record and when he would most likely go for it.

World 100m silver medallist Letsile Tebogo has opened up about attacking Usain Bolt’s 200m world record that currently stands at 19.19 seconds.

Tebogo has a Personal Best time of 19.50 over the distance and he believes the possibility of shattering the record is there. His Personal Best time currently places him on the list as the sixth-fastest man in history.

Tebogo admitted that breaking the 200m world record will be easier since even the world record holder Usain Bolt said so. American sprint legend Michael Johnson also believes that the 200m world will go first.

“⁠We have a better chance in the 200m, I want to believe. Usain Bolt himself said in an interview that the 200-metre record might be the easier of the two, and I concur,” Tebogo told Forbes Betting.

He added that at the moment, he wants to ensure he shatters other minor records and rise through the ranks before he thinks of shattering the world record.

He is currently the African record holder over the 200m with his Personal Best time and he would also be hoping to shatter the 100m African record that currently stands at 9.77.

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“⁠We will have to start with other records that come before the world records, like area records and maybe third and second-fastest times ever, and some meeting and championship records, before we can really start the world record conversation. But like Nelson Mandela once said, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done!” he said.

Coming out of an injury, Tebogo was also elated to have shattered the 300m world record, explaining that it was not something he anticipated.

His time set the track and field fans ablaze since the youngster ran faster than Usain Bolt, Johnson, and Wayde van Niekerk, the world record holder in the 400m.

“⁠We are extremely happy and proud of ourselves for pulling together such a good performance. We didn’t expect it because we were just trying to check if the injury sustained at the end of last season had healed.

“Looking at the 300-meter time and how I was feeling during and after the race, it would be difficult but not impossible,” he said.