Justin Gatlin warns Letsile Tebogo's track rivals to brace for a tough season

ATHLETICS Justin Gatlin warns Letsile Tebogo's track rivals to brace for a tough season

Abigael Wafula 09:22 - 23.02.2024

Retired American track star Justin Gatlin has warned Letsile Tebogo's opponents, including Noah Lyles, to prepare for a tough show since the youngster is out to win everything.

Four-time world champion Justin Gatlin has opened up on how youngster Letsile Tebogo is going to turn around the 200m this season.

Gatlin noted that just like triple world champion Noah Lyles, Tebogo is slowly maturing and his body is changing steadily, a sign that the youngster will transform the half-lap race in the coming days.

The former Olympic champion also advised athletes who will be competing against Tebogo to make sure they improve their training techniques because the youngster is not playing this season.

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“Tebogo is going to turn the 200m world upside down because now you have someone who is maturing into his events. He has shown that he is a championship-caliber athlete," said Gatlin.

“Looking at what he looks like now, he looks a little bigger, he looks a little bit stronger, especially up top. That’s what Noah did, he matured and his body matured and now he’s able to hold and sustain his runs.

“Tebogo is going through the same situation right now. I think the 200m is going to be hot and heavy this year. There are a lot of people who have been waiting in line to get that gold medal or get on the top of that podium. I think you all need to double down on your training because Tebogo is coming."

Last weekend, Tebogo was in a class of his own as he smashed the world 300m record following an incredible run at the Simbine Curro Classic in South Africa. He clocked 30.71, to beat South African Wayde van Niekerk's mark of 30.81 set in Ostrava, Czech Republic in 2017.

“Shout to Tebogo…to run that time is extremely incredible. We have seen him run a 300 before, I think about a year ago," added Gatlin.

“He was over there, about maybe 20m to go, he held his arms out and turned to the crowd and he still ran a great time.”