Justin Gatlin explains why most athletes struggle to dominate after claiming maiden majors

Justin Gatlin explains why most athletes struggle to dominate after claiming maiden majors

Mark Kinyanjui 22:00 - 27.04.2024

Gatlin has opined why most athletes struggle to stay at the top level after making it there.

Former American sprinter Justin Gatlin has shed light on the challenges athletes face in maintaining high levels of dominance after achieving their first major title. 

Gatlin, an Olympic gold medalist, three-time Diamond League season winner, and four-time world champion, draws from his own experiences overcoming obstacles, including enduring doping bans, to offer insights into the demands of staying at the top of the sport.

In a recent episode of his podcast Ready-Set-Go, Gatlin delved into the nuances of athletics success, emphasizing that reaching the pinnacle of competition requires consistency and dedication. 

He noted, "When you prepare yourself to run fast and compete at a high level, climbing to the top is pretty easy, you just have to be consistent with your competition."

However, Gatlin highlighted the inherent difficulty of maintaining that level of excellence once achieved. He explained, "Staying at the top is the hard part because when you are at the top, what is going to be in question is, your integrity, your consistency, but also, what habits you drop." 

Gatlin emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline and avoiding complacency, as habits put aside during the ascent to success can resurface if not diligently managed.

Gatlin's insights shed light on the relentless nature of elite competition, where athletes must continuously evolve and improve to fend off challenges from their rivals.

 He remarked, "While you are doing all those kinds of things, those people who are behind you, trying to jog for the position you beat them to are still working and building themselves to beat you and get that position back." 

This observation underscores the ever-present pressure athletes face to stay ahead of the competition and the necessity of maintaining focus and drive to sustain success in the long term.

Gatlin’s own experiences serve as a testament to the resilience and determination required to overcome obstacles and remain at the forefront of one's field, inspiring athletes to persevere in the face of adversity and strive for greatness.

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