Jacob Kiplimo: Two-time World Cross Country champion involved in grisly road accident

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Jacob Kiplimo: Two-time World Cross Country champion involved in grisly road accident

Festus Chuma 16:03 - 03.04.2024

Ugandan runner Jacob Kiplimo has been rushed to hospital after car crash, sustaining minor injuries, casting doubt on his Paris Olympics participation.

Uganda’s long-distance runner Jacob Kiplimo escaped a potentially catastrophic road crash, emerging with minor injuries after his vehicle careened off the road in Kween District in Eastern Uganda.

The newly crowned World Cross Country Champion of 2024, Kiplimo, had just returned from his triumphant journey in Belgrade, Serbia, when the harrowing incident took place on the Kamunerket Mengya Road. 

Witnesses recounted how Kiplimo's vehicle veered off the road just a few kilometers away from his village.

Stranded and shaken, the 23-year-old athlete, trapped in his vehicle, could only rely on the assistance of onlookers until he was finally rescued. 

Despite the frightening ordeal, Kiplimo sustained minor physical injuries, for which he expressed profound gratitude.

"I'm not sure how much body damage internally this could have caused to me but I am grateful to God for shielding me. It could have been worse," he said as per New Vision.

Following the accident, Kiplimo was promptly transported to Kapchorwa town for medical evaluation and treatment. 

However, the full extent of his injuries remain uncertain, raising concerns about Uganda's prospects for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Blame for the crash was attributed to the poor road conditions in Kween district, particularly the route leading to Kiplimo's residence in the Benet sub-county. 

The incident comes days after Kiplimo's stellar performance at the 2024 World Athletics Cross Country Championships where he clinched victory in 28 minutes and 09 seconds.

It remains unclear whether Kiplimo was alone in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

As Kiplimo recovers and reflects on his miraculous escape, his supporters around the world rally behind him, eager to witness his triumphant return to the track.

With uncertainty surrounding his physical condition, the road to Paris Olympics may pose unforeseen challenges for Kiplimo and Uganda's aspirations for athletic glory. 

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