Three global challenges that Eliud Kipchoge Foundation seeks to resolve

Eliud Kipchoge planting a tree during a past event. Photo: Esther Koimett X

Three global challenges that Eliud Kipchoge Foundation seeks to resolve

Joel Omotto 14:27 - 03.04.2024

Two-time Olympic marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge has detailed how his foundation is championing the resolution of three main challenges around the world.

Two-time Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge has explained why his foundation focuses on three pillars; environmental conservation, education and health.

The marathon legend launched the Eliud Kipchoge Foundation in September 2021 aimed at giving back to the community following his successful athletics career and as he continues competing for more titles, he still does not want to lose track of the three aspects.

“On conservation, we adopt the forests, we plant trees and advocate to make the globe a green world,” Kipchoge told the LOAF Podcast.

“We always say if our world is green, then our water is blue. And we are telling everybody, on your anniversary, birthday, wedding day, let us not celebrate by organising big parties but plant trees.

“If you are 20 years old, instead of going around for a trip, plant 20 trees. If you are eight, plant eight trees. The world is about six billion people and everyone has a birthday but if all of us can plant trees, we can make this planet green in only one year.”

Besides conserving the environment, Kipchoge is keen to ensure children gain access to education and he is doing it by building libraries across Kenya with the intention of ensuring each county has one.

“I have started with one but I want to build 46 more across Kenya and if all goes well, I want to build a library in every primary and secondary school in Kenya and maybe extend to East Africa. I value education because it is what takes you places,” added Kipchoge, an avid reader.

Having expressed his desire to make the globe a running world, the five-time Berlin marathon winner is also championing a healthy lifestyle through what he knows best.

“I am advocating that every citizen in Kenya, Africa and the world make running a lifestyle. That is being healthy,” emphasised Kipchoge.

“If you get out and run for 40 minutes, it is like kicking away the doctor. An apple costs one dollar but if you run, you will no longer need to buy stuff to keep you healthy. You will not be visiting doctors all the time. It reduces expenses.”

The Eliud Kipchoge Foundation receives donations from across the world with underprivileged children the main beneficiaries.

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