How introducing a new technique at US trials cost Kenyan-born athlete Olympic ticket

How introducing a new technique at US trials cost Kenyan-born athlete Olympic ticket

Abigael Wafula 11:00 - 26.06.2024

Kenyan-born American steeplechaser Hillary Bor has explained how introducing a new technique at the trials cost him a slot to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Kenyan-born American Hillary Bor went to the US Olympic trials with the hope of representing the US for the third time but unfortunately missed his target after falling and finishing outside the podium bracket.

The four-time national champion was off to a great start in the heats where he finished fifth before finishing 13th in the final of the race.

Speaking to after the race, the 34-year-old explained that he was trying a new technique entering the race but things did not work out well for him.

He noted that with about 1km to go, he tripped himself on a barrier and by the time he was getting up and trying to catch up with the rest, the other athletes had gone. He admitted that the other athletes were stronger than him and he could not manage to reach them.

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“I remember telling you that I’m learning a new technique and hurdling is a new technique so when I hurdled, I clipped my leg on the barrier and that’s when I fell down. It didn’t feel comfortable steeping on the barriers before jumping and I tried sticking with what had worked in the past few days,” Bor said.

“By the time I was standing up the last person was making a move and it was just a bad timing. It was about 1km to go and I got up and I was feeling good but those guys were strong and I tried catching up but my body could not.”

However, Bor took out the positives from his season, explaining that he has enjoyed himself and at the end of the season, he will quit the track to focus on road races.

He added that he really wanted to make it to the Paris Olympic Games since his children would get an opportunity to go and see him compete. He added that the young athletes who qualified have the potential of impressing at the global stage, insisting that it is their time to shine.

“It has been a great track season and it shows how hard it is to make the team, especially in the US and I had a feeling coming today and I knew it would be tough making the team. I know I was fit coming in and if I didn’t fall, probably I would have made the team," he added.

“I really wanted to make it to Paris because my kids are now able to travel but it’s a new time and it’s time for the new kids on the block. It’s good for them…this is my last track race and I’m going to move to the roads now."