Fans divided over LA28 Olympic competition timetable change

Fans divided over LA28 Olympic competition timetable change

Abigael Wafula 11:32 - 23.06.2024

Fans have voiced their opinion following changes made to the calendar of events at the LA 2028 Olympic Games.

Fans have expressed mixed reactions following the announcement from the LA 2028 Olympic Games organisers to make a historic change in the format of the global bonanza.

The organisers announced that athletics will take place during the first week of the Olympic Games at the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum. Unlike previous years, the swimming events have now been moved to the second week.

Despite the move being taken positively, some track and field fans are not impressed by the decision and have taken to their social media handles to complain. Among the people who have agreed to the move include four-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Johnson and World Athletics president Seb Coe.

Johnson shared on his X (Twitter) handle, saying: “Great news! In the LA28 Games, Track & Field will kick off the Olympics! ‘Specifically, the 2028 Olympic Games Athletics competition will move to the first week of the Olympic Games while the Swimming competition will be held during the second week.’”

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Meanwhile, in a press statement, World Athletics president Coe said: “We are excited to support this visionary timetable change for LA28. This change underscores our commitment to innovation in athletics and elevating the global profile of our athletes.

“By prioritising athletics in the first week, the Games will witness the most thrilling of starts, captivating audiences worldwide and setting the stage for an unforgettable Olympic journey for global audiences.”

Christopher Potts, a track and field fan commented on Johnson’s post saying: “Not sure about that. Track and field is the blue-ribbon sport so better to build up to that as a crescendo of the games.”

Another fan added: “The main event is T&F. With the greatest respect and I love Swimming and other events at the Olympics they are the warm-up act.”

Gary James said: “Shame MJ … I’m a big sports fan and love seeing all the other sports first and build up to the athletics … it gives a great crescendo to the games. I suspect a lot of people will switch off the others way round unless they are specifically big fans of the other sports?”

Another fan noted: “This is a bad idea. Opening Ceremony on Friday means Track starts the day after and so the 100m Finals will be on Monday instead of Sunday. Don’t like it.”

Another fan added their comment saying: “Bruh what’s with y’all and changing everything, the 4x4 ends the Olympic I want to watch the whole thing but if track is done what’s the purpose. Putting the most exciting thing at the start make sooooo much sense.”