How Ezekiel Kemboi is enjoying life after retirement

ATHLETICS How Ezekiel Kemboi is enjoying life after retirement

Abigael Wafula 12:59 - 12.11.2023

Ezekiel Kemboi has shared how he is enjoying his life after retirement and how he is mentoring more than 60 athletes to be the best.

After hanging his spikes from competitive athletics, four-time World Champion Ezekiel Kemboi has admitted that he is having the time of his life unlike when he was an athlete.

Apart from eating life with a big spoon, the two-time Olympic champion disclosed that he has close to 600 athletes whom he is mentoring with the hope that they will follow in his footsteps.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, he shared his excitement about the trajectory that the sport is taking and he explained that he is glad to have left a great legacy.

“When we started as athletes, we found a foundation already laid and we decided to follow suit and make sure that even when we retire, we leave a legacy.

"There is a saying that goes, ‘Legends don’t retire, they rest’, and we are just resting at the moment. Currently I have more than 60 athletes that I’m training, mentoring a providing for.

"I want them to grow and be like Kemboi and in the future, there will be many Kembois who will have emerged,” Kemboi said.

He added that he is enjoying his life currently since he is able to go out with his friends and have fun without the restrictions of being an athlete.

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"Life after retirement is good because, during my days as a runner, I never used to go out with my friends. At the moment I am really enjoying my wealth and having the time of my life,” Kemboi said.

Meanwhile, Kemboi made a name for himself and etched his name in the annals of history owing to his dominance in the steeplechase.

He managed to win four world titles over the distance and two Olympic titles. He was also known for his signature run and dance after finishing the race.