Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée Laventa Amutavi lands major ambassadorial deal

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ATHLETICS Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée Laventa Amutavi lands major ambassadorial deal

Joel Omotto 18:50 - 05.12.2023

Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée Laventa Amutavi is set to be the brand ambassador of a groundbreaking multi-discipline sports extravaganza sponsored by Betika

Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée Laventa Amutavi has landed a commercial deal after being unveiled as the ambassador for BingwaFest, a multi-discipline sports extravaganza set to captivate audiences across the Rift Valley region from December 7-9.

Amutavi, just like her husband, is a sprinter who also has ambitions of featuring in long jump in the near future, but for the next few days, she will be serving as an inspiration to upcoming athletes in various disciplines.

The event, which targets up to 2,000 athletes, will feature athletics, football and basketball with a view of expanding and adding volleyball and rugby to its ranks come 2024.

“I am honoured to be part of this great initiative that aims to empower, improve and nurture talent. Being an athlete myself, I resonate strongly with the day-to-day struggles that sports people endure on the journey to greatness,” said Amutavi.

“The awards available to athletes will go along way in ensuring that they are prepared for future competitions.

“I am hohoured to be in Eldoret which I consider home because when I was in campus, I studied here. Being an athlete, I know this is also the city of champions and we are proud to associate with the city and county.”

According to the event’s championship director, founder and CEO of Sports Connect Africa Cynthia Mumbo, the basketball tournament will be played in the 3x3 format with a cash prize of up to Ksh500,000.

To promote athletes in the region, two of the four players on each team must be residents of counties in Rift Valley. Football will be played in an 11-aside format with teams competing for a Ksh1,000,000 prize.

“Our partnership with BingwaFest is important to us not only because we are proud to be involved in uplifting Kenyan sports as a whole, but also because it enables young, talented Kenyans to make a living from their talent,” said Betika Deputy General Manager Mutua Mutava.

"Our goal is to bring together athletes, sports enthusiasts, and the public to witness the brilliance of homegrown talent. It is more than sport, BingwaFest embodies the spirit of unity and pride in Kenyan sporting heritage."

Amutavi’s deal comes a few years after her husband previously endorsed rival betting firm OdiBets.

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