Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée opens up on crucial lessons learned during injury setback

ATHLETICS Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée opens up on crucial lessons learned during injury setback

Abigael Wafula 15:11 - 28.11.2023

Laventa Amutavi has shared the tough lessons she learnt when she was handling her nagging knee injury.

Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée Laventa Amutavi has opened up on the crucial lessons learned after suffering an injury as she was beginning to thrive in her career.

Amutavi explained that she was set back by a niggly knee injury (swelling and fluid in the knee) but she kept on showing up for training without knowing that it was worsening the situation.

Amutavi explained that putting pressure on herself affected her negatively since the injury kept becoming worse and she was now forced to completely rest.

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“One thing I have learned is if you have an injury, just take it easy on yourself. I kept pushing hard and forgot to take a rest and that’s why my injury took a long time to heal.

"You just need to wait until you get better rather than forcing yourself to accomplish all the goals of the season knowing that it’s somewhat impossible…it might also ruin what the next season would have offered,” Amutavi told Pulse Sports.

The soft spoken sprinter also noted that as much she was injured, she got the chance to travel to the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary alongside Omanyala and gained a wealth of experience there.

She also noted that she was competing in local competitions and posting good times and when she gets better, she will be sure to give it her all.

“I competed at the National Championships and got to the final and I thank God for His grace because I never expected to get there owing to the physical state that I was in.

"I was also at the World Championships and I got to learn a lot of things. I have been doing rehab and strengthening my knees,” she said.