An anomaly? American sprint legend explains why Usain Bolt was a unique sprinter

An anomaly? American sprint legend explains why Usain Bolt was a unique sprinter

Abigael Wafula 20:00 - 19.05.2024

American sprint legend Maurice Greene has explained why he believes double world record holder (100m and 200m) Usain Bolt is an anomaly.

Former world 100m record holder Maurice Greene has explained why he refers to the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt as an anomaly.

In an interview with Citius Mag, Greene noted that for a sprinter, having Bolt’s height and managing to succeed is very unusual. He added that with a height like Bolt’s, other sprinters would usually take more time to build up their speed but Bolt was an exception.

The American legend added that with his unique abilities, Bolt was able to clock faster times and even set the 9.58 world record in the 100m and the 19.19 world record in the 200m at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.

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“Usain is 6’5 and has a turnover speed as me and you know he is turning over and is covering more ground. For someone that tall, it normally would take them longer to build up speed but it didn’t take him longer to build his speed.

“You see at 30m, he is right with everyone else so as they pick up speed, he’s just gaining more ground, so that’s what I meant by him being an anomaly.

“He was able to do things, at his height that not a lot of other tall people can do but he was able to do it efficiently and that’s why he was able to come to times that he was able to come to,” Greene told Citius Mag.

The four-time Olympic champion urged the current crop of sprinters not to try and emulate Bolt’s running style, insisting that they are all built differently and what worked for Bolt would not necessarily work for them.

The five-time world champion added that they should always believe in themselves if they are to make great progress in their careers.

“When you have someone else, you can’t look at what he’s done, you have to look at what you can do and try to get the most out of every step that you can get and try to come up on the top. You can’t do it the same way he did it, you don’t have the levers that he has,” he said.