Noah Lyles claps back at Usain Bolt's statement concerning breaking the 200m world record

Noah Lyles claps back at Usain Bolt's statement concerning breaking the 200m world record

Abigael Wafula 09:30 - 18.05.2024

Noah Lyles has clapped back at Usain Bolt's claims of breaking the 200m world record and gatekeeping the important information on how he can do it.

Two-time World 200m champion Noah Lyles has responded to Usain Bolt’s sentiments concerning breaking the 200m world record.

In a previous interview, the Jamaican sprint legend explained that Lyles has the ability to break the 200m world record and disclosed that there were certain things he needed to work on. However, Bolt noted that he would not disclose the specific areas he needed to address.

The 200m world record currently stands at 19.19 seconds and was set by the multiple Olympic champion at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.

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During the interview with Citius Mag, Bolt said: “I think the guys are really doing well. It’s really intense, I must say. It’s not going to be easy."

“I feel like Noah feels like it’s easy running both events. It was never easy. I’ve said it and I’ve always said that it’s not easy running back-to-back events and then going out to break the world record because your body runs out of energy.

“I think the possibility is there because he came close at the (2022) World Championships. I think if he corrects a few things, I won’t say, he could get better. The possibility is there.”

During an interview with Citius Mag, the triple world champion responded to Bolt’s claims of gatekeeping on how he can improve himself as he plans to attack the record.

“I’m going to do what I’ve been doing…I mean, if he knows and he’s not going to share why would I listen,” Lyles said concerning Bolt’s statement.

Meanwhile, the American also insisted that US Track and Field should embrace the Jamaican style of ensuring athletes stay in camp ahead of major events to work on the chemistry when it comes to the relays.

“I saw Jamaica is looking to keep as many people as wild cards and I think that’s a great idea because they did form some chemistry even if it’s not a lot of time, it’s better than none and we as Americans there’s so many of us that are good and you never know who’s going to be on the team,” Lyles said.