Uproar as Malkia Strikers technical team at Paris 2024 Olympics is unveiled

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Uproar as Malkia Strikers technical team at Paris 2024 Olympics is unveiled

Abigael Wafula 06:33 - 13.05.2024

Fans have been angered by the Kenya Volleyball Federation technical team selected to guide Malkia Strikers at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The Kenya Volleyball Federation on Sunday night, May 12, unveiled the technical team to accompany Malkia Strikers to the Paris 2024 Olympics and volleyball fans are not happy with the decision.

As per the release on their formal Facebook page, KVF announced that after a comprehensive meeting, they finally came up with a decision to assign roles fairly. KVF president Charles Nyaberi was appointed as the team manager with the KCB coach Japheth Munala appointed as the head coach.

The KVF Vice president, Paul Bitok, has been appointed the Assistant Coach with Janet Wanja, a retired player, selected as the trainer.

“After a thorough meeting, the Kenya Volleyball Federation's National Executive Committee has confirmed the following appointments: Team Manager: Charles B.D Nyaberi, Head Coach: Japheth Munala, Assistant Coach: Paul Bitok and Trainer: Janet Wanja,” the post read.

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Following the announcement, one fan commented: “My point is not even based on the President and his vice being in the traveling squad but my main concern is the performance of the team

“How can you take the coach and assistant coach who are associated with one team (KCB)?? Though I'm one of the biggest fans of KCB but that’s not right at all

“Won't there be favouritism?? It's high time a national team gets its own coach who is not affiliated to any league team na tutavuna.

Alex Tarre also shared his opinion, adding in the comments: “A good team technical bench. However, my concern is that the KVF president is too senior to take up the managerial responsibility of a national team challenge...

“That's what we call greed! That position needs to be held by any top-tier teams... KCB TM. KPC TM, PRISONS TM ETS...”

Lewis Butala said: “In other words, the President and his Vice President have appointed themselves to the technical bench? This is the craziest thing I ever heard of in the sporting world!”

Another agitated fan added: “This is very wrong. With all due respect, the executive members should give a chance to coaches. It's only fair. Tuwache tamaa.”

“For Bitok we are ok with him because he's been with the girls from the start but Nyaberi Surely. Secondly, how do you take a team without team Doctor?” another agitated fan said.