Tunisia stripped of flag rights at global sports events over doping violations

Witold Banka.(President of the World Anti-Doping Agency)

Tunisia stripped of flag rights at global sports events over doping violations

Festus Chuma 09:39 - 02.05.2024

Tunisia faces sports sanctions for non-compliance with WADA's doping code, impacting its flag presence at the Paris Olympics.

Tunisia faces stringent sanctions following its failure to comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) regulations.

The North African nation has been declared non-compliant with the anti-doping code a decision that could significantly impact its participation in the upcoming Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The World Anti-Doping Agency confirmed the non-compliance of the Tunisian National Anti-Doping Organisation (ANAD) late on Tuesday. 

"At its meeting of 16 November 2023, WADA’s Executive Committee endorsed the recommendation of WADA’s independent Compliance Review Committee and alleged ANAD as non-compliant with immediate effect. The non-compliance was the result of its failure to fully implement the 2021 version of the World Anti-Doping Code within its legal system," WADA stated.

This ruling means that until Tunisia addresses these legal discrepancies it will lose several WADA privileges.

WADA's review process highlighted that although ANAD was given a clear timeline last November to amend its legal system within four months, it had not taken effective measures by the April 6 deadline.

The agency noted that ANAD had a 21-day period following the April notification to contest the findings but chose not to solidifying the Executive Committee's decision.

Currently, Tunisia joins the ranks of other non-compliant bodies such as the Angola National Olympic Committee, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, and the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, according to WADA's records based in Montreal.

The Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports remains hopeful that the swift implementation of the required legal amendments will lead to the restoration of its privileges and the lifting of sanctions. 

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