Ferdinand Omanyala's plan to host various sports tournaments in Kenya

GENERAL Ferdinand Omanyala's plan to host various sports tournaments in Kenya

Abigael Wafula 13:09 - 24.12.2023

Commonwealth Games champion Ferdinand Omanyala has shared how he is using his huge platform to market other sports in the country.

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala is working round the clock to ensure his platform can sell as many sports disciplines as possible.

Speaking during an interview at the Nairobi Club, Omanyala noted that he is planning to host tournaments covering other sports in a bid to market them.

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The Commonwealth Games 100m champion explained that he will always attend tournaments hosted in the country and outside to show support for Kenyans.

“I’m a supporter of all games and I believe that talent cuts across all events and for me just to show up here, means that I’m giving support to the federation and the games and Angella (Okutoyi) of course.

"I’ve attended Karate events, rugby, the marathons and I’m a sports lover and I have a good platform to sell other sports.

"I want other sports to sell the way sprints are selling in Kenya. I’ll always be there to support other sportsmen,” Omanyala said.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old hosted the Omanyala Tennis 10’s tournament back in October, sharing the great news on his X (Twitter) page days before the tournament.

The event happened at the Nairobi Club and featured the six years and below category, eight years and under category, 10 years and under, and 10 years and under.

“The tournament that I hosted was running for the second edition…we are not going to stop at that and of course, we shall introduce other Omanyala tournaments in different sports.

"I’m hoping I will get the support that I need…you know working with a federation that is easy to deal with is also a plus.

"Tennis was easier to work with and I hope I will get other federations that will welcome me. My main aim is just to develop these youngsters and show them that there are opportunities and we are bringing the opportunities to them,” he said.