Ferdinand Omanyala's counsel to athletes in overcoming struggles

Ferdinand Omanyala's counsel to athletes in overcoming struggles

Abigael Wafula 10:30 - 24.12.2023

Ferdinand Omanyala has offered wise words of counsel to athletes on overcoming the struggles they face in the sport.

The African record holder, Ferdinand Omanyala has some wise words of advice for athletes when it comes to overcoming challenges in the sport.

Athletes in the country have faced numerous challenges, from missing out on crucial tournaments to not being paid on time among other setbacks.

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Speaking at the Nairobi Club during the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W25) tournament, Omanyala expressed his surprise towards Kenya Sevens missing out on the Dubai tournament but insisted that challenges will always be there.

“The lack of support is not only in the sprints and tennis but also in other events. I was saddened by the Rugby Sevens team not going to Dubai.

One thing I just want to tell the other athletes is that challenges will always be there but they have to use what they have to get what they want.

You cannot always be depending on support from different angles and you’re not putting in the work yourself…never give up.

Always push yourself like I did, like Okutoyi is doing and certainly, doors will open,” Omanyala said during a media interview.

On his part, introducing sprints in a country that was never known for short-distance races was an uphill task for the Kenyan but he kept pushing relentlessly.

His hard work and commitment paid off well and he is now the African record holder. He also finished among the top five fastest sprinters in the world this year, courtesy of his dominant exploits at the Kip Keino Classic, clocking 9.84 to win the race.

He also made it to the World Championships and got to the final of the race but unfortunately finished seventh in the race.