Angela Okutoyi explains how tennis turned her life around

TENNIS Angela Okutoyi explains how tennis turned her life around

Abigael Wafula 11:00 - 27.12.2023

Tennis sensation Angela Okutoyi has opened up on how playing tennis helped shape her life.

Tennis sensation Angela Okutoyi has explained the virtues that playing tennis has instilled in her since she started her professional career.

During an interview at the Nairobi Club, the 19-year-old explained that playing tennis has been an eye-opener for her and enabled her to achieve many milestones in her life.

She disclosed that through the sport, she has learnt how to manage life’s challenges and handle things differently unlike back then.

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“It’s exciting to be on this journey because tennis actually teaches you how not to give up and to be disciplined and determined in life.

“These are some of the things we face in life and so I feel like this sport (tennis) has really taught me a lot of things and I’m so grateful that I’m still playing this sport and I want to keep playing until I make Kenya proud, and myself and my family.

“I’m so happy for what’s next for me and I’m going to work hard to get the qualifications for the Olympics next year,” Okutoyi said.

The tennis sensation is just fresh from bagging the Doubles and Singles gold medals at the just concluded ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W25) tournament held at the Nairobi Club.

In the Singles category, Okutoyi was in a class of her own as she started the first set against her opponent Lena Papadakis with a win of 6-3.

She stumbled in the second set and the German took the win, beating Okutoyi by five points. Okutoyi roared back in the third set and took the top honours, winning 6-1.

In the Doubles category, Okutoyi had been paired with Burundian Sada Nahimana, and the pair stunned their opponents, Lena Papadakis and Jessie Aney.

Okutoyi and her partner won the first set 6-3 before going down 3-6 in the second set. The third set saw the Kenyan star and her partner win 10-7 to carry the day.