Yamal's right half teammate during Spain v France is older than his father

Yamal's right half teammate during Spain v France is older than his father

Eric Munene 15:53 - 10.07.2024

Jesus Navas who played right back is older than Yamal's father

A remarkable twist of football fate has unfolded as the age disparity between Sevilla's Jesus Navas and the father of Barcelona's Lamine Yamal becomes a topic of disbelief and wonder in the sports world.

Jesús Navas, born on November 21, 1985, now stands at 38 years old, a seasoned veteran renowned for his skills and longevity in the game.

In contrast, Mounir Nasraoui, father to the promising Barcelona youngster born in 1992, is a mere 32 years old, highlighting a staggering six-year age gap between Navas and Yamal's dad.

Despite his advanced age by football standards, Navas continues to feature prominently in competitive matches, a testament to his fitness, skill, and enduring passion for the game.

Navas found himself thrust into a critical role for the Spanish national team during a pivotal match against France.

This unexpected turn came about due to a suspension incurred by Dani Carvajal, who received a one-match-ban during Spain's quarterfinal clash against Germany.

With Carvajal unavailable due to his suspension, the seasoned Navas emerged as the preferred replacement for the right-wing position, a decision justified by his experience and tactical acumen.

Navas's inclusion in such high-stakes matches despite his age not only highlights his resilience but also serves as an inspiration to younger players and fans alike.

His ability to compete at the highest level against formidable opponents like France underscores the enduring value of seasoned professionals in international football.