Who are the early frontrunners as jostling for FKF presidential seat starts?

FOOTBALL: Who are the early frontrunners as jostling for FKF presidential seat starts?

Festus Chuma 05:00 - 11.07.2023

Ten likely challengers have emerged with overt and covert display of ambitions.

In the ever-evolving realm of Kenyan football, the winds of change are gathering momentum as the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) braces itself for the upcoming 2024 elections. 

With Nick Mwendwa, the incumbent president, nearing the conclusion of his current term, speculation is rife about who will step up to challenge him for a shot at the coveted position. As per the FKF constitution, Mwendwa remains eligible to vie for a second term, setting the stage for a gripping contest that promises to shape the future of Kenyan football.

Emerging from the shadows, a group of ten individuals has captured the attention of football enthusiasts across the nation, establishing themselves as potential contenders in the race for the FKF presidency. These passionate and visionary figures are poised to shake up the status quo, igniting a fierce battle of ideas, strategies, and promises. As the election draws near, the football fraternity eagerly awaits the unfolding of this captivating political saga.

Among the ten likely challengers, each brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and ambitions to the table. Their names resonate within the football community, reflecting a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. From seasoned administrators to former football stars, this formidable lineup includes figures such as past influential football figures and grassroots football champions. 

Sammy 'Kempes' Owino

Sammy 'Kempes' Owino, a former Kenya international who made his mark playing for Gor Mahia in the 1970s, has emerged as one of the top contenders for the upcoming FKF presidential elections in 2024. 

Sammy 'Kempes' Owino © Friends of Football

Having recently returned to Kenya from the USA, Owino has been involved in several football projects and has been a vocal critic of the current administration led by Nick Mwendwa. 

His financial resources are expected to play a crucial role in swaying the votes of the delegates.

Sam Nyamweya

Sam Nyamweya, who previously held the position of FKF President until 2016, has shown a keen interest in returning to lead Kenyan football. 

© GOAL.com

Despite facing allegations of corruption and embezzlement of funds during his previous tenure, Nyamweya enjoys significant grassroots support and financial backing. 

His experience and strong support base make him a formidable candidate in the upcoming elections.

Barry Otieno

Barry Otieno, who began his career as a journalist at Kenya News Agency, transitioned into the Football Kenya Federation in 2016 as the Communications Officer. 


Over time, he rose through the ranks to become the Communications and Marketing Manager and eventually took over as the CEO. 

Reports suggest that Otieno's candidacy will be sponsored by a section of current FKF officials, as they aim to maintain influence within the organization even after their departure.

Lodvick Aduda

Lodvick Aduda, the current Sporting Director of Gor Mahia and the runner-up in the 2020 FKF elections is back in the race with a robust manifesto. 


Although he fell short in the previous election, Aduda's vision for Kenyan football and his persuasive campaign style could help him garner the much-needed delegate support this time around.

With his experience and involvement in one of Kenya's top football clubs, Aduda is expected to be a strong contender in the upcoming elections.

Tom Alila Onyango

Former Nyanza NEC member, Tom Alila, is a businessman who had previously expressed his intention to vie for the FKF presidency. 

Tom Alila Photo/Courtesy

Although he failed to enter the ballot in the last elections, Alila aims to streamline grassroots football by incorporating counties to support the leagues. 

His other goals include establishing a sustainable youth structure, introducing a footballers' welfare scheme, securing sponsorship for all leagues, and professionalizing women's football.

Nicholas Musonye

Nicholas Musonye, the former CECAFA Secretary General, is considered one of the frontrunners in the upcoming FKF elections. 

©Citizen Digital

Back in 2020, stakeholders such as administrators, clubs, and referees encouraged Musonye to contest the presidency, but he eventually withdrew from the race.

With his experience as a sports journalist and his previous involvement in football administration, Musonye brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Herbert Mwachiro

Herbert Mwachiro, the former FKF deputy CEO, finished third in the previous elections, receiving just three votes. 

© Standard.

Mwachiro campaigned on a manifesto aimed at transforming Kenyan football into a sustainable sector. 

Despite his previous electoral performance, Mwachiro remains committed to his vision for the sport and is expected to bring fresh ideas to the upcoming elections.

Twaha Mbarak

Twaha Mbarak, the former FKF vice president, has been advocating for the re-establishment of the Kenya Premier League Limited (KPL) to oversee the top tier. 


Currently serving as a board member at Bandari FC, Mbarak has been actively involved in football affairs.

 His strong stance on the restructuring of the premier league and his commitment to the sport make him an appealing candidate for many football enthusiasts.

Ambrose Rachier

Ambroise Rachier, the current president of Gor Mahia, has been urged by a section of stakeholders to contest the FKF presidency. 

©Gor Mahia

While Rachier previously stated that he is past the age of contesting for the seat, many football supporters believe that his experience and leadership could transform the game. 

Rachier lost to incumbent FKF president Nick Mwendwa in 2016 and did not participate in the elections held in October 2020.

Moses Akaranga

Former Vihiga County Governor Moses Akaranga was set to be on the ballot in the 2020 FKF elections but later withdrew from the race. 

© Vihiga County Government.

Akaranga promised to collaborate with the government, corporate entities, and other stakeholders to elevate the standards of football in the country. 

Despite his withdrawal last time, Akaranga remains a prominent figure in the football landscape and may yet decide to contest the upcoming elections.