Noah Lyles reveals why he is irresistably drawn to his Jamaican girlfriend Junelle Bromfield

Noah Lyles reveals why he is irresistably drawn to his Jamaican girlfriend Junelle Bromfield

Mark Kinyanjui 21:00 - 14.06.2024

Noah Lyles has revealed what he finds iressistible about his Jamaican girlfriend Junelle Bromfield.

American sprint sensation Noah Lyles has shared what he finds irresistible about his Jamaican girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield, as the couple celebrates another milestone in their relationship. Lyles and Bromfield have been dating for nearly two years, after first meeting six years ago.

Both athletes have formed a strong bond, becoming a notable couple in the athletics world. Bromfield, an accomplished sprinter herself, won the 4x400m bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Speaking on The Powells YouTube channel, the couple opened up about what attracted them to each other.

Bromfield revealed that Lyles’ honesty was a key factor in her eventual acceptance of his advances.

 “When we became friends, I told him that I liked him because of his brutal honesty. That is what drew me to him because most of my friends are blunt and honest, and I like that about people because I feel you do not really have to search too deep to know who they are. It is always going to come out when they speak,” Bromfield said.

Their relationship took time to develop. Although they went on a date in 2018, it wasn’t until four years later that things started to click between them. After Lyles dominated the World Athletics Championships in 2023, he proposed to Bromfield to be his girlfriend.

Lyles explained his determination and why he pursued Bromfield. Despite Bromfield’s initial apprehensions about his outgoing persona overshadowing her, Lyles was convinced she was the one for him.

“Hearing stuff like that, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I need this woman in my life’. I already like you, but that is a solidified answer of like ‘We are going to grow old together, and it is going to be constant and you are going to keep me on my ps and qs, and hearing stuff like that, I want this woman to raise my kids,” Lyles expressed.

Bromfield admitted she was initially scared of Lyles’ enthusiastic advances, concerned about being overwhelmed by his persona. “It is actually the situation that he was talking about. I do not want to get too involved with Noah because if I do, I will be consumed by his persona on the track and when we are gone and done with that, I will not know who it is,” she said.

The couple’s candid revelations have endeared them to fans, showcasing the depth of their relationship and their mutual respect and admiration for each other.

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