Musingu High School embroiled in tussle with St Mary's Yala over promising football prodigy

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FOOTBALL Musingu High School embroiled in tussle with St Mary's Yala over promising football prodigy

Festus Chuma 10:30 - 21.02.2024

Musingu High School is facing allegations of abduction as it tussles with St Mary's Yala over promising football prodigy.

Musingu High School finds itself embroiled in a contentious dispute with St. Mary's Yala over the enrollment of a promising young football talent Georgian Chris Omondi. 

The budding forward, affiliated with the esteemed Michael Olunga Football Academy (MOFA), was initially admitted to St. Mary's Yala.

However, allegations have surfaced, suggesting that Omondi's transfer to Musingu occurred under dubious circumstances, prompting legal intervention on behalf of the boy's parents.

In a letter addressed to Musingu School, Wabilianga Majani & Associates, representing Omondi's parents, articulated concerns regarding the irregularities surrounding the student's relocation. 

"We are aware that the said minor was admitted as a student at St. Mary's Yala with the scholarship of Michael Olunga Football Association (MOFA). We are informed that your football coach together with the village coach went to St. Mary's Yala and lied to the administration...and thus abducted him," the letter states.

The legal representatives further assert that Musingu High School's actions constitute a violation of Omondi's rights, as well as legal statutes outlined in the Children Act. 

They demand the immediate return of the minor to his rightful school, warning of potential legal repercussions should their demands not be met promptly.

Moreover, the correspondence accuses Musingu High School of flouting educational regulations by admitting Omondi without parental authorization and disregarding directives from the principal of St. Mary's Yala. 

The contentious issue sheds light on the competitive nature of school sports, particularly in the context of the Kenya Secondary School Sports Association (KSSSA) games. 

Schools often vie for talented players as a means to bolster their sporting prowess and enhance their reputation within the competitive arena of secondary school athletics.

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