Joseph Owiti: 5 things to know about the Kenyan-English striker's move to Swindon Town U18

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Joseph Owiti: 5 things to know about the Kenyan-English striker's move to Swindon Town U18

Festus Chuma 17:16 - 11.07.2024

Kenyan-English striker Joseph Owiti has joined Swindon Town U18 highlighting his rapid rise and dual national eligibility for future opportunities.

Kenyan-English striker Joseph Owiti has taken a significant step forward in his budding football career by signing his first scholarship deal with Swindon Town FC.

At just 16 years old, Owiti is set to join the U18 team, showcasing his rapid development within the club.

His addition to the U18 squad not only marks a crucial developmental stage but also brings him closer to potentially joining the senior team.

Pulse Sports looks at five essential points to know about Joseph Owiti's latest move to Swindon Town.

1. Rapid rise through the ranks

Joseph Owiti has made significant strides in his football career in a relatively short period.

Joining Swindon Town's youth setup at the U15 level, Owiti quickly became known for his scoring prowess.

Described as a "real fox-in-the-box," his ability to consistently find the back of the net has distinguished him among his peers.

As he transitions into the U18 team, Owiti is set to bring his goal-scoring skills to a more competitive level, which will be crucial for his development and visibility to the senior team.

2. Creating competitive dynamics

At just 16, Owiti will be competing with notable players such as Botan Ameen and Miles Obodo.

This environment is not just about challenging him but also providing a rich learning ground.

The presence of established players will offer Owiti a chance to hone his skills further and adapt to higher levels of football dynamics, preparing him for future professional engagements.

3. Support from the club

Swindon Town’s commitment to its academy players is evident through its structured support systems.

Academy Player Care Manager Sophie Morrow plays a crucial role in helping young talents like Owiti transition smoothly into their next career stages.

The club emphasizes not only the athletic development of its players but also their personal growth, ensuring they are well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of professional football.

4. National recognition and potential

Owiti's talent has already been recognized on a national level. His call-up to the England U15 team and selection for the England U16s regional trials underscore his potential and the possibility of him making significant impacts in future national and international games.

His dual eligibility for Kenya adds an interesting dimension to his career prospects, potentially opening doors for international play in two countries.

5. Academy's pride and future aspirations

Swindon Town’s commitment to nurturing young talent is evident in their structured support system, spearheaded by Academy Player Care Manager Sophie Morrow.

Her role in helping players like Owiti transition into professional phases of their careers is pivotal.

Additionally, Academy Manager Alex Pike expressed pride and optimism for all players advancing, highlighting the academy's positive influence on and off the pitch.

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