‘I don't care who you are’ - AFCON winner hits out at Osimhen after social media rant about Finidi

AFCON winner hits out at Osimhen || Imago

‘I don't care who you are’ - AFCON winner hits out at Osimhen after social media rant about Finidi

Stephen Oladehinde 13:43 - 23.06.2024

Victor Osimhen has come under fire from the AFCON winner, for his demeaning comments made about coach Finidi George on social media.

Last week, Napoli striker Osimhen took to social media to vent his anger at Finidi over a comment he allegedly made.

It was reported that Finidi said he could not beg any player to play for the Super Eagles after Osimhen missed out on the World Cup qualifiers due to injury.

Following the rant made by Osimhen on social media, Brown Ideye has given his take on the situation.

Ideye on Osimhen and Findi's situation 

Ideye has pointed the finger at Osimhen, stating unequivocally that the African Footballer of the Year winner had no right to publicly disparage a Super Eagles icon.

He said that the current Super Eagles players don't have a strong sense of nationalism or enthusiasm for defending Nigeria's colours.

Victor Osimhen during his explosive IG Live tirade || Instagram
Victor Osimhen during his explosive IG Live tirade || Instagram

Ideye said in an X space, "Coming to what happened between coach Finidi and Victor, a lot of people asked me the best way to go when a coach calls you out. 

"I said I'll get my lawyer, we'll do a write-up on all my social media platforms and I will post it, and I will call the president of the Nigeria Football Federation, speak to him, call the coach.

Brown Ideye Afcon winner || Imago
Brown Ideye Afcon winner || Imago

"What Victor did is wrong, a lot of people can say he had to defend himself. What are you defending, who are you trying to explain to that you have an injury?

"You don't need to explain to people that you have an injury that's why you're not in camp. Call the coach to see if he really said what he said before going out there to your social media platforms."

Ideye revealed that after Osimhen's Instagram Live outburst, he contacted him and advised him to apologise to Finidi.

He continued, "I told him I'm disappointed in you but what you have to do is to go back to that social media and apologize to Nigerians and Finidi because no matter how we want to say it he's a legend.

"He cleared the road for you like we normally say in Nigeria so you don't disrespect people like that.

"I don't care who you are, I don't care how many awards you have won, I don't care what you have done in your club.

"Africa's best player don't behave the way you behave. I spoke to him you don't behave like that. You have 2.7 million people watching you on your (Instagram) Live and you are ranting, talking down on a legend. It's not like that, I'm waiting for Victor to apologize, he has to apologize. He just has to do it."

Ideye has said that the lack of a true leader in the Super Eagles team has led to unacceptable behaviours from some of the players.