Gor Mahia official addresses logistical fiasco that threatens CAF Champions League participation

Gor Mahia official addresses logistical fiasco that threatens CAF Champions League participation

Mark Kinyanjui 09:00 - 26.06.2024

Administrative hinderances cost the team a place among Africa's elite last season.

Gor Mahia's team manager Victor Nyaoro has reassured fans that the club will not face a repeat of last year's debacle, where they were stripped of their CAF Champions League license due to unpaid dues to former players. 

This issue has plagued the club for years, but Nyaoro is confident that such administrative oversights are now a thing of the past.

In July last year, Gor Mahia's participation in the CAF Champions League was thwarted after failing to settle debts owed to three former players: Adama Keita, Jules Ulimwengu, and Sando Yangayay. 

The situation escalated when Yangayay lodged a complaint with CAF, citing the club's failure to honor overdue payments as per their agreement.

CAF responded decisively on July 18, 2023, notifying both Gor Mahia and the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) of the complaint, which had been previously adjudicated by FIFA.

The club's license was invalidated, and they were suspended from participating in CAF's interclub tournaments unless they settled the owed amounts within 24 hours.

 Furthermore, CAF directed the Federation of International Beach Soccer (FIB) to investigate the breach and any other outstanding payables.

Despite a meeting between the FIB and Gor Mahia's management to explore potential resolutions, the club was unable to meet the payment deadlines or reach new agreements with the affected players. 

Consequently, Gor Mahia endured their fourth consecutive season without Champions League football, a scenario they are adamant about not repeating.

Victor Nyaoro assured fans that the club has taken significant steps to rectify these issues. Speaking to Citizen TV, he highlighted the improvements made in handling logistics, records, contractual obligations, and club licensing.

“As the person responsible for logistics and records, there are no hindrances with regards to paperwork, contractual obligations, and club licensing, which my able seniors headed by the CEO and the secretariat have done their bit,” Nyaoro stated.

He emphasised that there are no pending cases with FIFA, which was a major stumbling block in the previous season. Nyaoro noted that the club was previously unaware of the issues until it was too late, but this time they are vigilant and proactive in managing their obligations.

“There is no case pending on FIFA like before. It was there but the club never knew. If there were cases with the organizations, the club should have been informed earlier before the deadline, and it would have been posted,” Nyaoro explained.

With these assurances, Gor Mahia fans can look forward to the upcoming season with renewed optimism. 

The club’s management is committed to ensuring that administrative missteps do not hinder their quest for continental glory again. As they prepare for the new season, the focus is firmly on meeting all obligations and making a strong return to the CAF Champions League.

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