Bandari announce capture of Mwatate United striker

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FOOTBALL Bandari announce capture of Mwatate United striker

Festus Chuma 15:34 - 29.07.2023

The goal machine from NSL side Mwatate United is ready to set the Mbaraki Sports Club pitch ablaze.

Football Kenya Federation Premier League (FKFPL) side Bandari FC have officially unveiled their latest acquisition, the goal technician Alvin Ngotto Mentai, from the National Super League (NSL) side Mwatate United.

Ngotto's arrival at the Dockers marks a significant step in the club's ambition to strengthen its attacking prowess ahead of the 2023/2024 season.

The 25-year-old striker has captured the attention of many with his outstanding performances in the second-division, where he managed to score a remarkable 17 goals without relying on penalties.

In response to the announcement, Bandari FC expressed their excitement and confidence in their latest signing.

"Join us in officially welcoming the goal technician from Sagalla, Taita Taveta County, Alvin Ngotto Mentai," the club declared.

Before his stint with Mwatate United, the striker had previously played for Samburu Lions, where he honed his abilities and earned a reputation as a formidable goal scorer.

Now, as he dons the colors of Bandari, Ngotto is ready to take on new challenges and create a lasting impact in the Premier League.

One of Ngotto's strongest points is his versatility as a striker. Equipped with pace, precision, and an eye for goal, he can adapt to different tactical setups and is equally adept at scoring from close range or unleashing powerful shots from a distance.

His intelligent movement off the ball and ability to exploit defensive weaknesses make him a constant threat to any opponent.

"I am thrilled to be joining Bandari and look forward to contributing to the team's success," said Ngotto in a statement. "I am grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to step onto the pitch and give my all for the fans and the club."

The acquisition of Ngotto comes on the heels of another notable signing, Beja Nyamawi, who recently joined Bandari from another NSL side SS Assad.

With these strategic additions to their squad, the club is sending a strong message of their intent to challenge the top teams in the FKF Premier League and compete at the highest level.