AFC Leopards chairman explains how Sh15 million windfall from anniversary celebrations will be used

FKFPL AFC Leopards chairman explains how Sh15 million windfall from anniversary celebrations will be used

Mark Kinyanjui 14:03 - 25.03.2024

Shikanda has explained how the club will use the 15 million shillings they earned from the 60th Anniversary celebrations.

AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda has revealed how the club will use the Ksh 15 million windfall that they received from their 60th-anniversary celebrations.

The side marked the event in style at the Nyayo National Stadium, with president William Ruto among those who attended the event that saw their legends beat Spanish side AE Ramassa 2-1.

Leopards’ anniversary celebrations started on March 12, the date the club was founded in 1964, with visits to children’s homes and tree planting among some of the CSR activities conducted, while there have been promises aimed at turning around the club’s fortunes from its leaders.

The side was able to raise up to 15 million Kenyan shillings from the event, and Shikanda has admitted that he wishes the club were able to raise 20 million, considering almost all the money raised was practically used up from preparing for the celebrations.

“More than safe. Infact, I wish we could have worked on a budget of 20 million. I do not know why we worked on a budget of 15 million (alone),” Shikanda told Citizen TV.

“People have not been focusing on what is happening in these clubs, moreso AFC, but at least it was a hit because we brought the country to a standstill and got the attention of the head of state, as well as all key stakeholders in the country, and the hard work begins now.

“The money was used up before we even got it because when you have a budget of 15 million, our main worry was, would it even come because these things happen.”

Ruto fulfilled his promise by donating Sh10 million to AFC Leopards.

He was joined by a host of dignitaries, including Chief Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba, and governors from Nairobi, Bungoma, and Kisii, among others.

Shikanda has praised the current government for investing into football infrastructure.

“We decided to involve everybody and the genesis of AFC at 60 is that some of us were very lonely in trying to run football. The best part came when we brought the country to a standstill because we decided to ask ‘why don’t we tell people what is actually ailing our football?”

“Our football is actually collapsing because we assume people have taken responsibility and at the end of the day, we find out that no one is actually working on the nitty gritties that need to be put in place to work.”

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