AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda clears the air on infamous Kasarani land hiatus

FKFPL AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda clears the air on infamous Kasarani land hiatus

Mark Kinyanjui 08:00 - 27.03.2024

Shikanda is confident that the club will finally complete the paperwork for the leasing of the lands allocated to them by the late President Moi "within one or two months" after holding talks with President Ruto.

AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda has accounted for the status of the lands in Kasarani the late former President Daniel Moi allocated to them back in 1992.

It has widely been reported that AFC Leopards, alongside their sworn rivals Gor Mahia, were allocated lands to construct their own stadia and training facilities back then, but nothing has ever been done on them.

“The land is there. Nothing has been put up there,” Shikanda told Citizen TV.

He further explained the efforts made by the club to verify the existence of these lands and to initiate the necessary paperwork.

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 Upon his assumption of office, one of Shikanda's primary tasks was to investigate the status of the allocated lands. Collaborating with Gor Mahia officials, they confirmed the existence of the lands, which are currently under the jurisdiction of Sports Kenya.

He elaborated, "There were some changes because the lands were empty and still are up to now, and they are under the jurisdiction of Sports Kenya. Nothing has been built there, there are no flats there, and they are just empty since the day Moi gave us those lands."

“However, we could not get a second title,they are under the jurisdiction of Sports Kenya, so we can only lease the lands. Plans are underway -advanced stage- to make sure that all that is completed.

“We have spent money to make sure those lands are registered under our names.”

Despite the challenges encountered in the bureaucratic process, progress has been made. Shikanda mentioned that the necessary paperwork has been processed, with Prime Cabinet Secretary Hon. Musalia Mudavadi contributing towards the payment of the standard premium. 

However, obtaining a second title has proven to be a hurdle due to the lands being under Sports Kenya's jurisdiction.

Shikanda expressed optimism regarding the resolution of these issues, stating, "Plans are underway - advanced stage - to make sure that all that is completed." He emphasized the significance of securing these lands for the club's infrastructure development.

Reflecting on the prolonged delay, Shikanda lamented, "It is unfortunate 60 years down the line, we do not have the most crucial infrastructure that we as a club were supposed to be having."

He emphasised the importance of community clubs like AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia having their own facilities, which could contribute to the broader development of football in the country.

Shikanda also highlighted the financial burden faced by the club due to the lack of proper training facilities. "We play 12,000 per day to train. On a rainy season like now, these grounds are not available. We can only access the Kasarani Sports Annex where we play 40,000 per session to train," he revealed.

Shikanda called for collective action, urging other community clubs like Shabana to join efforts in addressing these challenges. He emphasized the potential of investing in grassroots football infrastructure to enhance the sport's development in Kenya.

“I am sure in the next two months, everything will be finalised. We have brought this to the attention of the highest office.

“Gor Mahia are (also) aware of what is happening and Shabana also being one of the biggest community clubs in the country,we want them to come to the party. 

“If we can also bring them on board having affordable housing, I am sure the infrastructure the government is making in Talanta Sports City, a 60,000-capacity facility for football alone can actually be filled if we start with community clubs having their homes and also focusing more on football.