Petitioner files for Kibra MP Peter Orero to be evicted as Kenya Basketball Federation treasurer

Kibra MP Peter Orero is the current Kenya Basketball Federation treasurer.

BASKETBALL Petitioner files for Kibra MP Peter Orero to be evicted as Kenya Basketball Federation treasurer

Mark Kinyanjui 19:30 - 26.03.2024

The Sports Disputes Tribunal is hearing a petition by Opiyo who wants the KBF disbanded for having Peter Orero as treasurer despite holding another public office as Kibra MP.

A contentious issue regarding whether Members of Parliament (MPs) should be allowed to simultaneously hold positions in national sports federations has sparked heated debate in Kenya. 

This debate has culminated in a hearing before the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT), shedding light on the intersection of politics and sports governance in the country.

The focal point of the controversy revolves around Peter Orero, who currently serves as the treasurer of the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF). 

Orero was elected to this position in 2020. However, his subsequent election as the Member of Parliament for Kibra in 2022 has raised concerns among some, most notably a petitioner named Dennis Opiyo.

Opiyo argues that holding dual public offices contravenes established norms and principles.

“We want the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to determine whether being a Member of Parliament in Kenya makes them ineligible to hold a position in a federation.

“My argument is that no one is allowed to hold more than one public office and he should choose one,” Opiyo said through his lawyer.

To address this issue, Opiyo has petitioned the SDT, seeking a determination on whether an MP is eligible to hold a leadership position in a sports federation.

In response to Opiyo's petition, KBF, represented by lawyer Robert Asembo, has asserted that there exists no legal prohibition preventing Orero from concurrently serving in both capacities. Asembo argues that the matter should be left to the discretion of KBF members, especially considering the upcoming elections within the federation.

Tribunal chairman John Ohaga weighed in on the matter, emphasizing that the SDT cannot intervene until a formal challenge is presented against Orero's candidacy during KBF's elections.

 He stressed the importance of addressing challenges to Orero's eligibility within the framework of the electoral process.

Amidst these proceedings, the SDT is simultaneously hearing a separate petition filed by Opiyo, seeking the dissolution of KBF for alleged non-compliance with the Sports Act. This broader issue underscores the complexities surrounding sports governance and compliance with regulatory frameworks.

The outcome of these proceedings is anticipated to have significant implications for the governance of sports federations in Kenya. 

Moreover, it will shed light on the extent to which individuals holding public office can concurrently serve in leadership roles within these organizations, shaping the landscape of sports administration in the country.

As the hearings continue, stakeholders eagerly await the decisions of the SDT, which will undoubtedly influence the future direction of sports governance and political involvement in Kenya. 

The next hearing is scheduled for April 9th, promising further developments in this ongoing saga at the intersection of sports and politics.