Wilfred Bungei reacts to decision by World Athletics to offer prize money to Olympic gold medallists

Wilfred Bungei reacts to decision by World Athletics to offer prize money to Olympic gold medallists

Mark Kinyanjui 11:30 - 12.04.2024

Former Olympic champion Wilfred Bungei has given his honest opinion on the decision by World Athletics to reward all the gold medallists at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

2008 Olympic 800m Champion Wilfred Bungei has commended World Athletics for their groundbreaking decision to award Olympic gold medallists at the upcoming event in Paris Ksh. 6.8 million

Speaking in response to the announcement made by World Athletics on Wednesday, Bungei expressed his belief that this move will significantly motivate athletes.

"It is a very big boost to the athletes; it will motivate them to give their best and increase the level of competition among themselves, and that will be good entertainment to the fans," Bungei told Citizen TV.

Highlighting the importance of participation in the Olympics beyond monetary gains, Bungei encouraged Kenyan sportsmen and women to aim for slots to represent the country in various disciplines, emphasizing the long-term benefits for their profiles.

"Being called an Olympian is a big thing; it increases someone's profile for future competitions. 

“So despite not having monetary gains, it is important for a sportsman to compete in these games because if you do well, big sponsors will definitely give you a good contract," Bungei asserted.

In addition to praising World Athletics' initiative, Bungei expressed satisfaction with the preparations of the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) and the national government for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

"I know NOC-K and the national government have good plans to make sure Team Kenya is well prepared, and they are ready to harvest medals for the country. 

This is about planning, about preparing well, and so far I think we see some meticulous planning," Bungei stated.

With this year's games scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, Bungei's remarks reflect the anticipation and optimism surrounding the upcoming Olympic event, both in terms of competition and the recognition of athletes' efforts.

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