Noah Lyles endorses Michael Johnson's soon-to-be launched fan-focused track league

Noah Lyles is gunning for triple gold medals at the Paris Olympic Games

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles endorses Michael Johnson's soon-to-be launched fan-focused track league

Mark Kinyanjui 20:14 - 28.02.2024

Noah Lyles has expressed excitement at Michael Johnson's proposed track league partnership with Winners Alliance that is aiming to revitalise athletics in the US.

Reigning word 100m and 200m champion Noah Lyles is anticipating Michael Johnson’s soon-to-be-launched track league aiming to revitalise the sport with innovative engagement strategies.

On Tuesday, Johnson announced that he had partnered with with Winners Alliance in an ambitious effort to revive and transform track and field, aiming to rekindle the US public's interest in the sport beyond the Olympic spotlight.

Now, Lyles has voiced his support on X, expressing excitement about Johnson’s upcoming project.

“ Very [excited] to see where this goes?” Lyles wrote on X, formerly Twitter in response to Johnson’s post.

The new track league, set to debut in 2025, aspires to create a TV-friendly product that not only engages existing fans but also attracts new audiences with its unique storytelling and promotion of the sport's biggest stars.

Track and field has grappled with maintaining public attention in the US beyond the Olympic Games for decades. However, former Olympic gold medalist Johnson is determined to spotlight the sport year-round.

Taking the reins as the operational and capital partner is Winners Alliance, a global athlete licensing and sponsorship firm. 

Their reported seven-figure investment marks the largest in track and field history, underlining their commitment to the league's potential success.

The challenges facing track and field in the US are diverse, encompassing limited TV distribution, inadequate facilities, and inconsistent star marketing.

Despite these obstacles, there was a notable surge in viewership during the US-hosted outdoor World Championships in 2022, hinting at renewed interest that Johnson and Winners Alliance seek to harness.

This collaboration isn't Johnson's first foray into sports business; his background as an Olympic federation consultant, entrepreneur, and owner of an athlete representation agency equips him with a profound understanding of the commercial hurdles facing track athletes.

Winners Alliance is also in talks with World Athletics, the international governing body for track and field.

 Their aim is not to compete with entities like the Diamond League but to complement and enhance the sport's global profile. Johnson envisions the new league as a platform showcasing top talent and serving as a preparatory stage for major competitions like the Olympics.

The strategic launch timing coincides with the excitement surrounding the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris, leveraging this momentum. 

With Johnson's expertise and Winners Alliance's operational prowess, a solid foundation for success is in place. This venture marks a significant stride in redefining track and field, aiming to make it more accessible and engaging for fans worldwide.

In establishing this new league, Johnson aspires not only to secure his legacy as one of the greatest sprinters but also to ensure a vibrant future for the sport. 

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