American great Michael Johnson scoffs at world athletics’ misplaced priorities

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ATHLETICS American great Michael Johnson scoffs at world athletics’ misplaced priorities

Joel Omotto 19:59 - 23.02.2024

American sprint legend Michael Johnson has expressed his displeasure at the misplaced priorities within the world of athletics which has left the sport lagging behind.

American sprint legend Michael Johnson is of the view that the sport of athletics does not have its priorities right.

A harsh critic of the powers that be within athletics, Johnson has unleashed another of his salvos, asking those within the sport to decide which direction they want it to head since he feels it is lagging behind as currently constituted.

“Track & Field must decide what type of sport we want to be. Fan focused=entertainment product=make money. Athlete/federation focused=athlete development tool=spend money,” Johnson posted on X (formerly Twitter), referring to how the sport is spending more while generating little when it should be doing the opposite.

Johnson, who won four Olympic Gold medals and eight World Championship titles, then also asked athletes to get their priorities right.

“Track & Field must decide what it wants to be. Competition between athletes to determine a winner on the day. Competition with one’s self to achieve best times/marks personally (PB), this year (SB), everybody this year (WL), everybody ever (WR). It can’t be both,” he said in another tweet.

The former world and Olympic 200m and 400m record holder has always been vocal about the ‘low amounts’ athletes earn from various events and has always insisted they get the short end of the stick because they do not speak out strongly.

He has previously slammed athletics governing body World Athletics for doing little to lift the profile of the sport which should be a global phenomenon that would be earning athletes mega bucks.

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