Noah Lyles and his Jamaican girlfriend win second successive Christmas competition

Junelle Bromfield

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles and his Jamaican girlfriend win second successive Christmas competition

Abigael Wafula 21:04 - 26.12.2023

Noah Lyles and his Jamaican girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield are the two-time Christmas competition champions.

Triple world champion Noah Lyles and his girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield, are two-time Christmas champions after their creativity carried the day during a Christmas competition named the Family Gingerbread House Competition.

Lyles shared an update on his Instagram account that showcased an extremely fun gingerbread house-making competition.

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The two-time World 200m champion then also shared the good news on his X (Twitter) handle together with a video showcasing the gingerbread house that won them the award.

He captioned the video saying: “For the second year in a row me and Junelle have won the Family gingerbread house competition. Burned our fingers for it and everything.

That was an unseen talent of himself and his girlfriend since he is mostly known for his fashion sense and sprinting prowess.

Meanwhile, there were several teams divided, one was Josephus Lyles’ team with the name ‘Star Platinum’ and the second one was Noah Lyles and Junelle Bromfield’s team which was named ‘Team Champions’. Lyles’s mother and one more team were in the competition.

A total of four teams were part of this competition and each one of them made beautiful gingerbread houses with beautiful decorations and unique designs.

However, the one that turned the most heads was Noah Lyles’s team. His brother, Josephus, also shared a video showcasing his art of gingerbread house.