Mary Moraa reveals specific target at Paris Olympic Games

Mary Moraa reveals specific target at Paris Olympic Games

Abigael Wafula 10:35 - 11.07.2024

Mary Moraa has opened up on her specific target at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

World 800m champion Mary Moraa has disclosed her plans at the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, with track and field events scheduled for August 1 to 11.

Moraa will be hoping to impress on the global stage and hopefully win a medal.

The Commonwealth Games champion noted that at last year’s World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, she never expected to win a gold medal. She went into the championship hoping to finish on the podium bracket but destiny had other plans and she won the race.

Olympic champion Athing Mu and silver medallist Keely Hodgkinson finished second and third respectively at the event.

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“The World Championships were a surprise to me because I was never expecting to win a gold medal. It was a great achievement for myself and my country. This year, I’m also focusing on winning a medal, but I’m not sure the medal I want,” she told Africa News.

She went down memory lane to the time she started running and had no support or mentor to guide her. Moraa opened up on the struggles of being orphaned and having to rely on well-wishers.

“I started running when I was in primary school but I never had a mentor to guide me on competing in international competitions. In high school, I started running professionally because I was with somebody who understood sports,” Moraa said.

“Our parents passed away when I was two years old so I was living with my grandfather and grandmother and they too passed away. It was hard for me and my siblings but we got somebody who took us in, looked after us and provided for us and mentored us.”