Letsile Tebogo opens up about how first championship in Kenya opened doors for his career success

Letsile Tebogo opens up about how first championship in Kenya opened doors for his career success

Abigael Wafula 19:17 - 10.07.2024

Letsile Tebogo has disclosed how travelling to Kenya for his first international competition opened doors for his athletics career.

Letsile Tebogo has disclosed how the 2021 World Under-20 Championships in Nairobi, Kenya opened doors for his career.

The world 100m silver medallist noted that his first love was football but when he made his first trip out of Botswana courtesy of athletics, he decided to change course and focus on the track event.

Tebogo was quick to note that athletics is the only event that gave him a chance to trade his talent internationally, disclosing that in football, he only got the chance to compete in local events.

In the interview, the two-time world under-20 champion also explained that he made the decision to become an athlete fully in 2019, before landing the great opportunity to compete at the World Unde-20 Championships in 2021.

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“I started making it my focus when I qualified for my first championships in Kenya. That’s when I sat down and took into consideration what I really wanted in life,” Tebogo told NBC Sport.

“Athletics is the only sport that I have travelled abroad with. In football, I [competed] in local tournaments but I had never gone outside the country for it. 2019 was when I decided to take the [athletics] route,” he added.

Tebogo added that support from his friends and family was a morale booster for him since he had already made up his mind. He insisted that athletics was like a hobby to him while football was his real love.

“Yeah, there were. But me being me, I just thought that they wanted me to do something that I didn’t want to do because like you said, athletics was my hobby and my real love was football,” he said.

Tebogo added that growing up, respect and dedication were the two virtues instilled in him. He explained that despite earning all that money, he has been able to maintain his culture.

“Respect and dedication to what you do. [It’s important] to show people how the culture is. Don’t throw away the culture, and then adopt the city life. Keep on pushing the culture so that people can [see] what you’re really made of,” he added.