Lyles, Bednarek & Kerley brutally troll Omanyala following dismal outing at Kip Keino Classic

Lyles, Bednarek & Kerley brutally troll Omanyala following dismal outing at Kip Keino Classic

Mark Kinyanjui 19:58 - 20.04.2024

Noah Lyles and Fred Kerley are among those who have trolled Kenya's Ferdinand Omanyala after losing the Kip Keino Classic to Bednarek.

American sprint stars Noah Lyles and Fred Kerley could not resist poking fun at Ferdinand Omanyala following his fifth-place finish in the 100m at the 2024 Absa Kip Keino Classic, where Kenny Bednarek emerged victorious.

Omanyala, who finished with a time of 10.0 seconds, 0.09 seconds behind Bednarek's winning time of 9.91 seconds, had previously expressed confidence in his ability to dominate on his home turf.

"No one should come to my territory and beat me, that one is a No," Omanyala confidently declared before the event. "In Africa, we really take charge of our lands."

However, Bednarek had a witty response to Omanyala's statement, taking to his social media account to playfully claim ownership of land in Kenya following his impressive performance at Nyayo Stadium. 

"I just bought land in Kenya," Bednarek cheekily tweeted while attaching a video of Omanyala referencing his territorial claim.

Kerley joined in on the banter, posting three skull emojis in response to Bednarek's tweet, indicating his amusement at the playful exchange.

Noah Lyles, the reigning 100m and 200m World Champion, also chimed in with a light-hearted response, sharing a laughing emoji accompanied by the caption "and I oop."

The playful trolling from Lyles and Kerley adds a fun and entertaining element to the competitive world of athletics, showcasing the camaraderie and humor shared among elite athletes despite the intense competition on the track.

 As athletes continue to interact and engage with each other and their fans on social media, these light-hearted exchanges provide fans with entertaining insights into the personalities and relationships within the track and field community.

It remains to be seen how Omanyala will react to the dismal showing in Nairobi, with the World Relays in the Bahamas the next challenge on Saturday 4, and Sunday 5 May, where he will line up against Lyles and Bednarek himself.