Lawrence Cherono: 2019 Chicago Marathon winner hit with new tampering charges by AIU

Lawrence Cherono: 2019 Chicago Marathon winner hit with new tampering charges by AIU

Festus Chuma 20:00 - 12.06.2024

Two years ago, Cherono was suspended for doping and now he faces new AIU charges for allegedly tampering with the process.

Kenya's marathoner Lawrence Cherono has once again come under scrutiny by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) this time for alleged tampering related to his doping case.

The revered long-distance runner, known for his triumphs in major marathons including the 2019 Chicago Marathon, is facing new challenges that could further tarnish his illustrious career.

In July 2022, Cherono was provisionally suspended after testing positive for trimetazidine, a substance primarily used to treat angina and other heart-related conditions.

This medication is known to optimize the heart's use of oxygen, potentially giving athletes an unfair advantage by enhancing their endurance levels.

The initial findings placed Cherono in a precarious position, casting a shadow over his achievements, including his impressive fourth-place finish at the Tokyo Olympics and his victories in both the Boston and Chicago Marathons.

The latest charges brought forward by the AIU involve accusations of tampering with the doping control process.

The specifics of the tampering allegations have not been fully disclosed, but such charges typically involve attempts to obstruct or interfere with doping investigations.

Examples could range from manipulating test samples, intimidating witnesses, or providing false information to authorities.

This development adds a complex layer to Cherono's ongoing legal battles with the AIU.

If found guilty of tampering, he could face severe repercussions, including extended bans from competitive racing.

This would be a significant blow to his career, potentially ending his days as a top contender in world marathon events.

Cherono's legal team has yet to release a detailed response to these new allegations.

However, in previous statements, they have expressed their intent to fully cooperate with the AIU while maintaining Cherono's innocence in the matter of the initial doping charges.

The sports world has been closely watching Cherono's case, as it underscores the ongoing challenges within athletics regarding doping and the integrity of sportsmanship.

His case is particularly significant given his status as one of Kenya's most celebrated marathoners, whose record time of 2:03:04 at the 2020 Valencia Marathon highlighted his elite capabilities.

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